Boy Claims He Was An Extraterrestrial In Past Life: Boriska Reveals Startling Information About His Past Life On Mars, NASA Validates Some Information

Boy claims he was an extraterrestrial in Mars in his past life and NASA validated some of his claims

Is reincarnation greatly possible and evidently true? This story is one of the most different past life stories ever spoken of. A boy, who claims he was an extraterrestrial in his past life, reveals startling information about his past life on Mars. Furthermore, NASA validates some of the boy’s claims, making this past life story even more shocking.

Project Camelot reports that Boriska, a Russian boy, speaks of his past life on Mars. This boy is no ordinary individual. His mother said he was speaking at 4-months-old and was saying sentences by the time he was 8-months-old. Boriska was reading at the age of two and was able to name all the planets in the solar system by age three. He knew so much about astronomy, which is typically unheard of for a child his age.

Kerry Cassidy interviewed Boriska, and he made many interesting statements.

“People from Mars traveled in many galaxies and planetary systems. There were ships of an airplane type. They were triangular. There were ships like a drop.

Boriska spoke of plasma power and ion power.

“If they used gasoline the fuel ran out too fast, the engines were too powerful.”

The boy discussed teleportation.

“Portal is the same like teleport. It slows down time and opens a kind of a portal where time is speeding up fast…I can’t say exactly. I don’t remember. It opens on one side and in a few seconds or even minutes if the transfer is far away it opens another area of space. Not all ships had the same principle. Ships with plasma engines were limited to travel only in the Solar System on high speed. The ships in a shape of a drop were carrying other ships. Each race had its own technology and innovations. For example, if we had plasma and ion engines others had energy engines.”

More interesting facts, NASA validated some information that Boriska mentioned. Mars is known to be a red, dry planet; however, NASA director of planetary sciences, James Green, says that Mars is not the dry planet everyone thinks it is.

“Liquid water has been found on Mars.”

If there is, indeed, water on Mars, life on Mars is more reasonable. A press conference held provides details that support life on Mars was possible a long time ago.

Boy reveals shocking information about his past life on Mars as extraterrestrial
John Grunsfeld, an astronaut who traveled to outer space five times, revealed that Boriska’s water claim can be validated.

“The more we observe Mars, the more information we’re getting that it really is a fascinating planet. From the Curiosity Rover, we now know that Mars once was like a planet very much like Earth, with long salty seas, with fresh water lakes, probably with snow capped peaks and clouds and a water cycle just like we’re studying here on Earth. Something has happened to Mars, it lost its water.”

Boriska discussed a catastrophe during the Project Camelot interview and recalled fighting in a war during his past life.

“A huge catastrophe happened on Earth, where mountains exploded and a huge continent broke apart and sunk under the water, and all of a sudden a huge stone fell on the building where my friend was. I couldn’t save him. And now on Earth we should meet again.”

Furthermore, James Green said that Mars in the past was a completely different planet than what it is now. Green said the planet had oceans and an extensive atmosphere.

“So, Mars, indeed, three billion years ago had extensive water resources, but something happened. Mars suffered a major climate change and lost its surface water.”

Check out the exclusive interview with Boriska below.

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