Kyle Sandilands Responds To Accusations Of ‘Cheating Listeners’ By Replaying Old Segments

Kyle Sandilands, the Australian radio host and TV personality best known for his weekday morning radio program The Kyle and Jackie O Show, has responded to angry claims on his radio show accusing him of “cheating” listeners.

According to, Kyle Sandilands and Jackie O’s radio program aired a “best of” episode that their listeners thought was a new episode of the show that turned out to be content from previous shows compiled into an episode.

The listeners complained that the problem with the “best of” episode is that neither Kyle Sandilands nor Jackie O told the listeners that it was, in fact, a compilation “best of” episode. Kyle Sandilands retaliated the next morning, accusing of printing lies and trying to make him and Jackie O look bad.

As it turns out, Kyle Sandilands was absent from the show that particular day, which is why the decision was made to replay previous content. An Australian Radio Network spokesperson said that the direction the show took to play old content is standard protocol from broadcast media. The content they play would either be inclusive of individual segments or be a part of a “best of” show.

Kyle Sandilands returned to the show the following day and used the opening break to vent his anger and frustration over the incident. Kyle Sandilands spoke on his frustration with the accusation and explained his predicament.

“I wasn’t here yesterday and we had to do some replays, but I’m sick and tired of reading things in the newspaper, outright lies.”

He went on to say that he had taken “a couple of days off” over the previous few weeks because he hadn’t been well, but that he thinks the crux of the problem is that he is still dealing with the death of his father. He spoke on why he hadn’t come out previously to explain his ongoing absences.

“I just wanted to keep it private but I’ve got to put it out there now ’cause I don’t want all the doom and gloom and everyone worried and people making up stories.”

Somehow Kyle Sandilands seemed to think that the reason listeners had complained was because he had taken time off work without a valid reason. However, the basis for the complaints and the article was that The Kyle and Jackie O Show played a “best of” show without alerting their listeners to the fact.

Kyle Sandilands spoke about the article, stating that he felt “annoyed” because he was being made to feel “ashamed” for missing his father.

“It’s tough when you read things online, you know; online writers at start accusing us of tricking listeners. I got a little bit annoyed and I thought hang on, don’t be ashamed for actually missing your father. I thought don’t let this bullsh*t be said by these haters that just wanna fill everyone with lies ’cause that’s not the way it is.”

The article on that was published after complaints were received in relation to the “best of” show did not make it clear as to why Kyle Sandilands was not present on the show that day, but instead focused on the fact that it was never made clear to the listeners that a “best of” show was being aired.

The segment that was repeated on the show was one that involved Kyle Sandilands and Jackie O interviewing guest stars Benji Madden and Fuller House star John Stamos, according to the Daily Mail.

Listeners were understandably confused when the interviews with Madden and Stamos sounded familiar and did not discuss current events.

In 2014, fans took to the official Facebook page of The Kyle and Jackie O Show to post their disappointment regarding another incident of segments being replayed without notice. It has been rumored in the past that the duo would pre-record a number of their segments in case one of the hosts were to call in sick. Since the allegations, Kyle and Jackie switched networks and joined KIIS FM.

Apart from repeating segments, the hosts have also had to deal with a number of other incidents over the past few months. In particular, earlier this month Jackie had to apologize on-air to Parramatta rugby league star Kieran Foran after she suggested that he was not the father of his ex-partner Rebecca Pope’s 11-week-old son.

[Photo by Mike Flokis/Getty Images]