Bison Finds New Home Through Craigslist After 5 Years As ‘Housebroken’ Pet

Bison at home

“Bison finds new home” is the latest news making the rounds online ever since Karen Schoeve of Argyle, Texas, put her house pet up for sale on Craigslist. Bullet, the 1,000-pound “domesticated” bison, was transported on Saturday, May 14, 2016, from her old digs in Argyle to her new home 15 miles away in Flower Mound.

According to CNN, the 7-year-old bison, imprinted with humans since her birth, finds herself adjusting to her new owners’ home. Although primarily outdoors, Bullet walked into the Schoeve house whenever she pleased. A door blown open by the wind was an invitation for her to come in and hang out, but she never relieved herself on the premises.

Of the bison’s domesticated habits, Schoeve finds the oddity endearing, and hopefully the new pastures to be shared with two cows would become home to Bullet. Schoeve likes to look back and laugh at Bullet’s ways.

“She was just being curious. She just loved to smell everything.”

Bullet in house
Struggling to balance work with caring for a bison and two paint ponies was simply too much, so Schoeve sold her horses and posted Bullet on Craigslist for sale at $5,960 two months ago. She finds the various offers she received to place her pet in a new home, an interesting experience.

According to ABC News, Schoeve sees Bullet as deserving the bigger space and better grassland, though the bison sometimes finds herself drawn to what’s inside a home. Bullet can get hot and sweaty, but she is ladylike despite her large stature and is no danger to furniture.

“She watches the fish tank for a while. She doesn’t mess up a thing, and walks around very neatly like she belongs in the house. She has never gone to the bathroom [in the house], either.”

From the Craigslist ad she posted for her bison, Schoeve finds positive feedback among an assortment of animal lovers. Offers of a new home come from a special needs camp for autistic children, petting zoos, roadside attractions. One party is willing to pay $10,000, and another suggests a sanctuary at Ted Nugent’s ranch.

No stranger to kids, the bison has been featured in the children’s book, The Heaven of Animals by Nancy Tillman. As she adjusts to her new circumstances, Bullet also finds a home in the nation’s consciousness.

According to the Wildlife Conservation Society, the United States House of Representatives passed its version of the National Bison Legacy Act on April 26, 2016, just as the Senate passed its version of the bill in December 2015. The House bill signed into law by President Barack Obama on May 9, 2016, finds a new awareness among people who turn out to be quite at home with the idea of the bison being the national mammal.

The bison finds itself sharing a new home with the oak (national tree – designated 2004), the rose (national floral emblem – designated 1998), and the bald eagle (national emblem – designated 1782 at the 2nd Continental Congress) on the official symbol shelf of America. As the National Mammal, the bison is honored by National Bison Day annually on the first Saturday of November.

Bullet and Karen Schoeve bid each other farewell, for now [Photo via Facebook]
Schoeve introduced Bullet to Flower Mound at dusk on Saturday, May 14. The bison has already coddled up to the two cows she finds herself sharing a pasture with. Like Bullet, her new home-mates were also rescued from Craigslist ads.

When Schoeve turned to leave after dropping off her pet of five years, Bullet ran up to say goodbye. It was heart-breaking, but Schoeve takes solace in having the gate code to visit anytime. She doubts the new owner’s idea of building a barn just for Bullet will pan out. The more likely scenario is that the bison finds a new home in the house.

[Photo by Carlo Allegri/Getty Images]