Justin Bieber Goes Barefoot & Bans Fan Photos In Spiritual ‘Epiphany’: Hailey Baldwin Hurt By Selena Gomez?

Justin Bieber has a message for his fans. No photos, please, and he’s not going to say he’s “sorry.” Bieber posted his explanation amid growing concern that he’s having a breakdown. Spotted wandering barefoot, feeding squirrels, and “zoning out” in a park, Justin also received some backlash from his new face tattoo, pointed out Vanity Fair.

Adding to the hostility from some fans, Bieber dared to insult the Red Sox, earning boos from Boston. But it was his Instagram post telling fans that if they approach him in public, he will not take photos that has garnered the most attention.

And some fans were on his side.

“Good job on the boundaries. Takes guts to say no & do what’s healthy for you. People don’t realize what celebs go through on a DAILY basis. I’ve often thought about how crazy a life it would be to be approached on the regular,” posted one fan.

In response to the more negative responses, however, Bieber followed up to try to make those against him understand his motivation for refusing to fulfill demands for selfies from fans.

Justin Bieber takes a selfie with a fan prior to banning fan photos. Justin Bieber takes a selfie with a fan prior to banning fan photos. [Photo by Jason Merritt/Getty Images for Universal Music]“I wanna enjoy life and not be a slave to the world and their demands of what they think I need to do!!” emphasized Justin. “I’m going to keep making decisions I feel are fit for my growth and no human being will make me feel bad for it.”

As for those who think that Bieber is breaking down based on his barefoot strolls and visits to squirrels? Rather than a mental breakdown, Justin has experienced a spiritual epiphany, sources told TMZ.

Due to the pressures of his Purpose Tour, Justin has decided to begin a “spiritual mission” that includes seeking his center through nature and religion. The sources explained that’s why Bieber has been seen heading to parks to meditate, going on solo strolls, and relaxing on the grass.

As for the squirrels? Those creatures symbolize his search for natural surroundings rather than nightclubs and concert venues.

Where does this spiritual epiphany leave the various women in his life? One of Justin’s most recent love affairs was with model Hailey Baldwin, his rebound romance after splitting from Selena Gomez. But Hailey is left wanting answers and feeling hurt after listening to Selena’s new song that reportedly describes her own relationship with Bieber, an insider told Hollywood Life.

Baldwin, 19, was upset when she heard the song that supposedly unveils details of her relationship with the 22-year-old “Sorry” singer. As a result, Hailey is “confused” and is seeking answers from Justin, according to the insider.

“Hailey heard Selena’s new song, which sounds like it could be about Justin, and it has left her confused. She wants answers about what is going on between Selena and Justin. Hailey doesn’t understand what Selena is trying to accomplish with that song.”

In addition, Baldwin is joining those speculating that the lyrics contain a message that shades her, adding to the pain that Hailey already feels.

Justin Bieber performs live for fans, but does his heart belong to Hailey Baldwin? Justin Bieber performs live for fans, but does his heart belong to Hailey Baldwin? [Photo by Bradley Kanaris/Getty Images]“When she ain’t giving you enough to get you through the night, I won’t be caught up in the middle, ‘long as you’re not with me, you’ll always be alone,” croons Gomez.

Does “she” refer to Baldwin, and has Hailey decided to stay separated from Justin to avoid being hurt again?

Not according to the Daily Mail, which describes the romantic reunion between Baldwin and Bieber this month in New York.

After a recent performance in New York, Justin met up with Hailey during his after party at Game Nightclub. The model then took Bieber back to her apartment.

Baldwin flaunted a diamond band on her engagement finger, which resembled a ring she wore last year when she and Justin were dating. The two partied at the nightclub and then left in an SUV that headed directly to Hailey’s apartment.

[Photo by Frazer Harrison/Getty Images]