June 29, 2017
'Prison Break' Season 5 Trailer Shows It's Michael's Turn To Be Saved

The new trailer for Prison Break Season 5 has been released, and this time it is Michael's turn to be saved. Fans still have no idea how he survived the electrocution at the end of Season 4 or whether that will be explained over time.

There has been a lot of hype since Prison Break Season 5 was first announced. Fans were skeptical of how it could work, considering Michael Scofield was supposed to have died in the end. He had sacrificed himself to save everyone else. Fox quickly confirmed that Wentworth Miller would reprise his role, and it didn't look like it would just be in flashbacks.During the trailer for the new season, set five years from when Season 4 finished, T Bag shows up with news for Lincoln: there is the possibility that Michael is still alive. Lincoln can't help but see Sara to tell her the news, but she isn't too sure whether to believe T Bag. The question for many is why wouldn't he have gone straight to Sara and Lincoln if he did make it out alive?

Prison Break Season 5 looks to take it all back to the start. During Season 1, which started in 2005, Michael had himself imprisoned after getting an intricate tattoo on his body and arms. He used his construction background to draw out blueprints of the high-security prison his wrongly accused brother was being held at on death row, hiding them underneath a pattern to mask his true intentions.

After landing himself in the same prison, he worked with his brother and other inmates to get people out. This led to a manhunt, the need to break free from other prisons, and Michael's supposed death.

Now, it looks like the tables have turned. Michael is in a prison – in Yemen of all places – and Lincoln finds him. He makes a vow to save his brother, and Michael once again gets help from other inmates to get them all out.

There have been numerous ideas over how Michael's supposed death could be handled in the new season. One option is that the death never happened, since it aired in a TV movie rather than the actual TV show. From the looks of the trailer, this isn't going to happen. Lincoln and Sara believe that Michael is dead.

The trailer gives nothing away, but his resurrection is supposed to be plausible. Fox didn't want to bring back the show if it wasn't going to happen in a way the fans would believe. This isn't a science fiction or fantasy series. There were already people questioning the resurrection of Sara when she was brought back during the original years.

Fox has announced that Prison Break Season 5 will air during the midseason on Thursday nights. The trailer is just the first look at the show, and it has fans intrigued and excited for the show's return.

This return does breathe some potential for recent TV shows that have been cancelled. Nashville fans are outraged that ABC has decided to cancel it. While they are hoping it will be picked up by another network, it is possible that it will be picked up a few years down the line if the cast and crew are willing to come back onboard. It was due to the popularity of the show on Netflix that Prison Break was given another chance.

Most of the original cast from the show are back in action. The only one missing so far is Alexander Malone, but there is still time for a cameo appearance somewhere, according to The Independent. Fans will get to catch Prison Break Season 5 on Fox during the 2016-2017 lineup.

[Photo by Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images]