'Days Of Our Lives': Theresa Makes Her Next Move - Will This Be The Last Straw For Brady? [Spoilers]

Days Of Our Lives fans have their favorite characters, and then there are those troubled Salem residents that viewers love to hate. What happens when soap opera writers put a good and bad character together? Plenty of drama, as one would expect. Even though Theresa Donovan (Jen Lilley) seemed to be turning over a new leaf, a Salem newcomer is getting Brady Black's (Eric Martsolf) attention. Theresa doesn't like it one bit, and it seems that the old Theresa will come out to deal with the situation. However, will her actions cause Theresa to lose Brady forever? Will this be the last straw?

Warning: Days Of Our Lives spoilers are ahead!

After Brady received Dr. Daniel Jonas' (Shawn Christian) heart, he started to have visions and dreams. These were not ordinary at all, and it seemed like Brady was receiving Daniel's feelings, thoughts and memories. This led to Brady going to California to look for a woman who kept popping up in his dreams. That woman's name is Summer Townsend (Marie Wilson), she is now in Salem, and it turns out that she is Maggie's (Suzanne Rogers) biological daughter.

Even though everyone should be happy that a mother and daughter have reunited, there are two people who don't trust Summer. One is Maggie's husband, Victor Kiriakis (John Aniston), and the other is Brady's fiancee, Theresa Donovan.

On a recent episode of Days Of Our Lives, Theresa went to Summer and accused her of trying to steal Brady away. She threatened Summer, which left Maggie's daughter somewhat confused. Theresa wasn't expecting for Brady to find out what she did, which caused more tension between the couple. Instead of Theresa just backing off and leaving things alone, she will once again try to control the situation. However, she may go too far and destroy her relationship with Brady in the process.

"A conflicted Hope will end up visiting Bo's grave while a hidden Aiden watches. Brady is going to confide in Belle about his relationship problems with Theresa," Hollywood Hills wrote regarding the press release for the May 17 episode of Days Of Our Lives. "Theresa will tell Anne she wants to investigate Summer, and Victor is going to anonymously receive info about Summer's dark past."

As fans know, there are already problems in Brady and Theresa's relationship. Lilley's character accused Brady of having a "hero complex," but it's not because he tries to rescue everyone. He truly just wants to help others. Theresa's main concern seems to be that Brady is currently focused on helping another woman, who happens to be very attractive. Brady and Summer have a platonic relationship. However, there are rumors that Summer has romantic feelings for Brady.

When it comes to Summer Townsend, what Theresa will do next? It might have something to do with Victor receiving information. As previously reported by The Inquisitr, DOOL spoilers state that Victor will receive information about Summer's past. Did Theresa find something and send it to Maggie's husband? That isn't known yet, but it is a possibility. It has already been hinted that Theresa wants to investigate Summer and find out more details about her past. However, with Brady and Theresa already fighting, this won't go over well. Brady already told her to stop harassing Summer and has tried to reassure Theresa on several occasions.

What do you think will happen on Days Of Our Lives? Will Theresa Donovan find something in Summer's past? Is she the one who sends Victor Kiriakis information? How will this affect how Maggie feels about her long-lost daughter?

Days Of Our Lives airs weekdays on NBC.

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