‘The Walking Dead’: Will Rick Grimes Ever Die? Robert Kirkman’s Answer May Shock You

The Walking Dead continues to bring in a record number of viewers each year. With its huge fan base and no shortage of storylines, the popularity of the zombie series won’t end anytime soon. As everyone knows, the main character in TWD is Rick Grimes, played by British actor Andrew Lincoln. Although Rick is the focus of the television series and the comic books, could he ever die? Many fans claim that it will never happen because if he dies, then the popular zombie series is over. So, what does creator Robert Kirkman have to say about it? His answer on if Rick could eventually die may shock you.

Rick has been through a lot since TWD began. Over the past six seasons. Lincoln’s character has done some unimaginable things. However, there were also factors that led up to Rick’s response. Other zombie apocalypse survivors in TWD live according to their own rules. One extreme example is what happened with the people at Terminus. As fans remember, Gareth’s group became cannibals, and Rick’s group barely escaped.

Negan’s introduction on the Season 6 finale of TWD did not go the way viewers thought it would. By the end of the episode, it was unclear who had lost their head to Lucille. In the comic books, it is Glenn who dies, but the Season 7 premiere of TWD could reveal someone different as Negan’s victim.

Even though it is not likely, some viewers are considering the possibility that Rick might die. In fact, on a Facebook post by The Spoiling Dead Fans, one person asked about the chances of Rick being Negan’s victim. (For the record, most replies stated that the probability was close to zero.)

Even though it has been stated before that nobody is safe on the AMC zombie series, fans seem to believe that Rick will always survive. However, he is not immortal. According to ComicBook.com, Robert Kirkman participated in a Reddit AMA and shocked fans with one response.

“Do Rick die,” Reddit user maxforce54 asked Robert Kirkman on Reddit. Mimicking the grammar of the fan, the TWD creator replied, “He do eventually.”

For fans worried about Rick’s fate, his death probably won’t come for a long time. The Walking Dead TV show is based off the comics. Although the storylines do match to some degree, the television show writers mix things up to prevent predictability. It is pretty safe to assume that Rick will not be killed by Negan when the Season 7 premiere airs on AMC this fall.

If not in Season 7, then when could Rick Grimes die? Walking Dead Wikia states that Negan was introduced in Issue #100 of the comic books. In July 2016, Issue #156 will be released. In the comics, Rick Grimes is still alive. Right now, the TV show is not caught up with the comics, and there are still a lot of storylines to cover before the two do catch up.

Rick’s death probably won’t happen for several seasons. However, things can always change. Fans will just have to keep watching the AMC zombie series to find out.

What do you think of what Robert Kirkman had to say about Rick Grimes eventually dying? Do you have any predictions on when Andrew Lincoln’s character could die? Are you shocked at all by what the TWD creator said about the main character of the zombie series?

The Walking Dead is currently filming its seventh season. As previously reported by The Inquisitr, expect to see Ezekiel, Shiva and The Kingdom from the comics. Despite what others have reported, The Walking Dead has not announced the Season 7 premiere date.

[Photo by Frank Ockenfels 3/AMC]