WWE News: WWE Concerned For The Health Of AJ Styles Due To Recent Injuries, Major Changes Expected

Styles SmackDown

AJ Styles happens to be involved in a major program right now with Roman Reigns over the WWE World Heavyweight Championship. The two will square off this Sunday at WWE Extreme Rules, and it is expected to be an interesting match. Styles clearly enjoys being involved in the top program in WWE right now, and the “new era” is starting off pretty hot with their rivalry. The Club has made a big impression on the WWE fans and the thought is that the faction will be around for some time. However, there is concern for AJ.

AJ Styles came into WWE with some back issues. Styles did with work with DDP at his Yoga studio and was able to get his back into better shape, but it seems like issues remain for the former TNA and IWGP World Champion. According to Daily Wrestling News, there is some major concern for the health of AJ Styles, and it very well could force WWE to make some changes.

Styles was ringside last night on WWE RAW when Karl Anderson and Luke Gallows took on The Usos. Reigns also happened to be ringside with his cousins as well. The plan was for AJ to not take a lot of bumps, but he did end up taking a chair-shot to the back. The plan has been for him to be limited in the ring until WWE Extreme Rules, where he will take on Reigns in an Extreme Rules match. The thought is that the two will go all out, but this could be an issue at the end of the day.

AJ charshot on Reigns

There has been talk that AJ Styles’ health might end up having WWE use him a bit less following the Extreme Rules event. In fact, there has also been talk of bringing Finn Balor up from WWE NXT earlier than expected. The plan was always for him to come up within the next few months, but most expected him to come in late June after the next WWE NXT Takeover event. He is set to take on Samoa Joe for the NXT Title then.

AJ Styles is currently working through ankle issues and nagging back trouble, so WWE might end up writing him out following the Extreme Rules event. The plan was for him to work with Roman Reigns until WWE Money in the Bank. Afterward, Seth Rollins was expected to be the major contender for the WWE World Title until WWE SummerSlam later this year. WWE may write out Styles and bring Rollins in sooner to take on Reigns, but that is up in the air for now.

The plan for Finn Balor might be pretty simple. He very well could “take Styles out” so that he can lead The Club. Balor was always expected to be the long-term leader of the group, but WWE put Styles with Anderson and Gallows due to their history with each other. They didn’t want to waste the duo by having them stay out until they were ready to bring Balor up. So they decided to have them work with Styles simply to have something major to do until the Finn Balor called up.


Finn Balor would take Styles out following Extreme Rules, which would allow for Styles to take time off to rest his injuries and then allow him to come back near SummerSlam for a program with Balor and The Club later this year. This would force WWE to bring up Balor earlier than expected, but they might have to do it at this point. He was rumored to be at the May 23rd episode of WWE RAW, so that could be the time we see him take out the Prince of Phenomenal.

While AJ Styles did confirm that he was having ankle trouble, many believe the back issues are worse than Styles is letting on. Obviously Styles does not want to have any trouble with injuries right as he comes into WWE.

Sadly, he was hurt while working in NJPW and it just happened to cause him trouble as he came into the company. While WWE does offer him a safer style than NJPW, Styles is not the type of guy to do things halfway, which is what might need to be done while the injury issues remain. He does not want to be removed from the major material WWE has given him lately, so there is some pride on the line here as well. Regardless, it might be best to give him some time off following Extreme Rules simply to rest up, which is something he didn’t have much time to do following his departure from NJPW earlier this year.

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