How Rude Of Madonna The Primadonna?

how rude of madonna the primadonna

Madonna is considered by many people as the most successful singer in history. With all the money she has earned from a stellar music career, plus all the wise investments she has made in companies like Time Warner, she is on top of the world. But lately, the Queen of Pop has been antagonizing fellow celebrities with her brash actions. What gives?

Today, The Inquisitr peers into the life of the career woman who is as busy touring as she is trying to be the perfect mother to her children, who are all in the process of growing up. Definitely, Madonna has a lot of matters on her hands. But with all the money she has amassed, there is no doubting that she can always delegate some of her duties as a singer and a mother.

Sadly, however, this is not the case. For example, Madonna doesn’t even know how to tip properly, according to Break Room Stories. The source claims that “Madonna doesn’t always leave a tip, and when she does it’s a cheap one.”

Madonna is, in fact, at the top of the list of celebrities who are stingy with tipping. We have no intentions of running Madge’s own life. However, we do see a startling pattern that she might do well to avoid.

No doubt, she is the queen of her realm, but Madonna has no business rubbing it off on anybody, either. That is, unless she is starting to feel insecure about her position in the music industry. The fact is, she can’t be on the top all the time. On the occasion of the MET Gala 2016, she wore a stunning dress that displayed her frontage and her derriere simultaneously.

We were so amused. That Givenchy outfit was definitely nothing short of Earth-shattering. What we don’t like, however, was the bad aftertaste that Madonna left in the mouths of her fellow A-listers. Here’s exactly what happened, according to In Out Star.

“Madonna cleared the red carpet to make her big entrance, even though she was not really dressed. All these A-listers had to wait for Madonna, who insisted on having the carpet to herself, to have her pictures taken. These A-listers included all the designers save Tisci, but also Kim Kardashian and Kanye West, Naomi Campbell, Katy Perry and Solange Knowles.”

As a result, Katy Perry couldn’t stop talking about how rudely Madonna’s minions asked everyone to get off the red carpet as the star made her presence known. What Perry said she hated the most was being asked to wait on the line as The Queen did her campaign sorties on the carpet.

In another incident, the 31-year-old singer-songwriter James Morrison recalled how Madonna treated him when he met her at a studio in L.A. Morrison has confided the following to Attitude, in the “Broken Strings” singer’s own words.

Madge wasn’t ‘horrible’, it certainly wasn’t the friendliest of meetings. So I met her, offered her my hand, she looked at it like it was covered in s*** and she said: ‘What do you do?’ I said I was a singer. She stared at me a bit. It was awkward.”

Obviously, Madonna’s high-handed treatment of her colleagues will tend to rub off on her own family as well. Page Six observes that, when it comes to her family, the superstar is a control freak. The source describes how son Rocco used to look forward to joining Madonna on her concert tours, but, alas, not anymore.

In an article entitled “Why Madonna’s Kids Want Nothing To Do With Her,” Page Six discloses that “Rebelling as a quest for freedom runs in the family.”

Apparently, Madonna was herself rebellious in her growing up years. Now, her children are giving her a taste of her own medicine. Of all her children, Rocco seems to be the one that is causing her the most grief, even though the “Material Girl” singer used to be particularly close to her boy.

And before we hear the words “Papa don’t preach” from Madonna, we just want to stop right here. It’s her career, her family, her life–just saying. We still love you, Madge. But you just need to take care of a few things.

Words to live by????

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