WWE News: Huge New Gimmick Match Announced For ‘Extreme Rules’

As WWE is now within a week of Extreme Rules, a new match was announced tonight on Monday Night Raw. Not only was it a new match for the card, but it was actually one that has never been done in the promotion before. Dean Ambrose has finally had enough of Chris Jericho and decided to challenge him to something that is unlike anything that has been seen in WWE before — an “Asylum Match.”

Dean Ambrose went out to the ring on Monday Night Raw as recapped on the WWE website, and he decided to call out Chris Jericho. A couple of weeks ago, Jericho destroyed Ambrose’s precious potted plant named Mitch, and that really raised the stakes.

Last week, Ambrose got back at Y2J by destroying his $15,000 light-up jacket.

While in the arena and going back and forth, Ambrose was able to convince Jericho to accept his challenge for a match at Extreme Rules. Once it was set in stone, the “Lunatic Fringe” decided to reveal the stipulation for the hardcore pay-per-view (PPV), and it was something totally unheard of in WWE.

wwe news extreme rules dean ambrose chris jericho asylum match cage [Image via WWE]A steel cage slowly came down around Dean Ambrose as he stood in the ring, and Jericho’s eyes got bigger and bigger. They opened even wider when he saw a mop, potted plant, barbed-wire two-by-four, straitjacket, and other weapons hanging around the top of the ring and cage.

That’s when Ambrose revealed that it wasn’t just a cage match they were having at Extreme Rules, but an Asylum Match. Yes, this is the first time in history that WWE will have one of these matches take place, but similar things have happened in wrestling’s past.

There have been cage matches with weapons hanging up all around the inside of them. TNA Impact Wrestling had the “Steel Asylum” matches which were very odd and took place inside a domed cage that had a hole in the top where the wrestlers had to escape to win.

As TNA Asylum reported, a lot of different wrestlers were against participating in that match for TNA and for some pretty good reasons. Homicide had even said that it was built for smaller wrestlers and impossible for others to win.

wwe news extreme rules dean ambrose chris jericho asylum match cage [Image via WWE]This match between Jericho and Ambrose is quite unique and is going to add a new twist to cage matches without going too far. Now, WWE doesn’t have to break out the Elimination Chamber and they’re also adding a twist to the hardcore match.

That’s not even mentioning the fact that there is already one “extreme rules” match on the card with Roman Reigns taking on AJ Styles in the main event.

The Asylum Match should pretty much put an end to the feud between Jericho and Ambrose, and that will allow them to move onto different programs. Dean Ambrose will also likely get a big win here as he lost to Brock Lesnar at WrestleMania 32 while Jericho picked up a huge victory over AJ Styles at that same event.

This one is going to probably be quite violent and could bring about the blood that WWE is trying so hard to avoid.

It was pretty obvious that Ambrose and Jericho were going to face off at Extreme Rules, and WWE made it official on Monday Night Raw. While the “Asylum Match” is similar to something that has taken place in TNA before, it is going to be brand new for WWE and just added a big touch of anticipation for this weekend’s pay-per-view.

[Image via WWE]