‘Southern Charm’ Recap, What Is In The Future For Cast Relationships With Kathryn [Spoilers]?

**Southern Charm spoilers follow**

Well, the fuse has been lit on Southern Charm, and things may never be the same with the cast members, who seemed okay with the idea of shunning Kathryn Calhoun Dennis but not really talking about all of the characters who played a role in the three season drama that is Southern Charm. But now that Craig Conover has pulled off the Bandaid to take a really good look at why almost everyone has given Kathryn Dennis the cold shoulder, those who have been dishing it out might have to learn to take it or take their toys and go home.

The Inquisitr reported that, ever since Kathryn Dennis got pregnant a second time, things have gone from bad to worse with the entire cast of Southern Charm, who no longer seem like a cohesive group. While the current season is at its mid-point, fans know that the dinner party from hell, where Thomas Ravenel turns on everyone is right around the corner. Just when it seems like things can’t get worse, they certainly can on Southern Charm.

But anyone who thought a nice trip to the mountains would heal anything was sadly mistaken, because fans got to see the beginning of a big unraveling on Southern Charm, as hinted at by Reality Tea. Between the show and the explosion on social media, it is clear that Craig Conover poked a bear that is not used to being poked on Southern Charm, and that bear’s name is Whitney (also one of the executive producers of Southern Charm, yet he seemed shocked).

And the cast of Southern Charm, as well as the viewers of Southern Charm got even more clarity, as Landon Clements is finally seen to have an agenda, and it’s not pretty. Reality Tea suggested that what was supposed to be a relaxing mountain retreat instead turned into a “volcano of erupting secrets,” and that’s putting it mildly.

And nobody should have been able to blame Dennis, who was hours away on bed rest in Charleston, yet the usual Southern Charm suspects – Landon, Cameran, and Whitney – tried their best to once again leave the leggy redhead holding the bag. First, Landon is confronted by Thomas, and then Shep on Kathryn’s behalf, and finally, they prove that Landon tanked Kathryn’s invite to Shep’s party; this after Landon had a giggle fit suggesting that Kathryn only has one skill: the one that got her pregnant.

Next, Craig pulled off a Southern Charm magic trick, and made every jaw hit the floor in unison when he suggested Whitney’s anger at Kathryn is simply coming from a place of hurt, because she dumped him for Thomas Ravenel. If most of the Southern Charm cast could have spontaneously combusted, it seems they would have gladly burst into flames, as Whitney Sudler-Smith, who usually looks bored and sedated, looked as if he was sucking on a lemon.

But perhaps one of the biggest surprises of the night was that Thomas Ravenel and Kathryn Dennis were really no part of the crazy, and they seemed to be on the same side of things, according to Bustle. It makes sense that the two have a common interest, no matter what, in having healthy, happy children and a healthy, happy pregnancy. Even those who don’t like Ravenel and Dennis as a couple are grateful for the two healthy Southern Charm babies.

On last night’s Southern Charm, Ravenel finally realized that Kathryn might lose her temper now and again, but now and then, she might have a point. Ravenel manned up, and made it clear that Kathryn was right about Landon, who has taken being catty to a new level, and almost acts as if it’s her full-time job while she is trying to find her career path to be plain nasty to Kathryn. Landon joined Southern Charm last season as shy and a bit goofy, and has now emerged as a bitter spoiler for Kathryn Dennis.

Even Cameran seemed to see the light when she saw that maybe there is a method to Landon’s madness and behavior, as Shep Rose, is starting to look pretty good to a divorced woman whose biological clock is likely starting to tick loudly. After the trip to the mountains, it looks like nobody on the Southern Charm cast will ever look at each other the same way again.

What was your impression of the trip to North Carolina on Southern Charm? Do you think Whitney will tear Craig apart next week?

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