Donald Trump Has Abused Dozens Of Women Says NYT Investigation

Donald Trump continues his struggle to capture the female vote and possibly for good reason. He’s well known for his sexist comments and appearance-related insults directed at women. Trump famously said that former GOP presidential rival Carly Fiorina would never be elected because of “her face.” He also regularly bashes Rosie O’Donnell for physical appearance. Traditionally, beautiful women don’t fare much better in Donald Trump’s eyes. In many cases, when Trump addresses them or speaks about them, it’s to comment on their physical appearance and/or sex appeal. At one point, when his daughter was still a teen, he even referred to her as “hot” and said he’d date her if he wasn’t her dad.

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Now, The New York Times has concluded an investigative report into Donald Trump’s most personal relationships with women over the course of the last four decades. What the publication uncovered was unnerving and even shocking, but based on Donald Trump’s known track record with women, not entirely surprising. The interviews conducted by The New York Times involved women who had socially interacted with or dated The Donald, as well as men and women who had “closely observed” the former reality TV star’s behavior since he was a teen. Over a six week period, more than 50 interviews reportedly took place.

During the investigation, The New York Times discovered that Donald Trump has a history of sexually inappropriate workplace conduct, a habit of making disparaging or sexualizing comments about women’s bodies, an established pattern of making unwanted sexual advances, and even using ambitious women to achieve his own personal and business gains.

Donald Trump’s disturbing behavior toward women took place in his homes, at beauty pageants, at his office, and at the notorious Trump tower, among other locations. As far as Donald Trump is concerned, the incidents were apparently negligible and of little importance, hardly worth remembering, let alone commenting on. However, many of the women involved were scarred with the lasting impressions of their personal contact with Donald Trump.

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The New York Times uncovered that Donald Trump’s attitude toward women is somewhat contradictory. Some women thought him to be “welcoming and encouraging,” while many others felt that he abused his power and saw women as sex objects.

One female executive, who happened to be overweight, said that Donald Trump said (to her face), “You like your candy.” Despite having propelled her career to dizzying heights, The Donald felt it appropriate to make a dig about her physical appearance at her expense and with no consideration for her feelings.

Donald Trump has called himself “a champion of women,” as though they were a different species than their male counterparts. He reportedly took pride in hiring “them,” and was “in awe of their work ethic.”

Despite Donald Trump’s lofty claims of woman-love, many women have come forward with grievances against The Donald, many of which are sexual in nature, reports Winning Democrats. Jill Harth, one of many women who’s accused Donald Trump of assault and/or misconduct, says that Trump asked a male co-worker if he was “sleeping with her” in the middle of a business meeting.

“Donald Trump stared at me throughout that meeting. He stared at me even while George was giving his presentation. … In the middle of it he says to George, ‘Are you sleeping with her?’ Meaning me. And George looked a little shocked and he said, ‘Well, yeah.’ And he goes, ‘Well, for the weekend or what?'”

Harth says that when it was made clear to Trump that she was half of a couple, Donald Trump continued to pursue her verbally before sexually assaulting her under the table at a restaurant while her boyfriend was present.

“Basically he name-dropped throughout that dinner, when he wasn’t groping me under the table. Let me just say, this was a very traumatic thing working for him.”

Young girls who were part of Donald Trump’s Ms. America pageant had even more disturbing tales to tell about interacting with The Donald. Reportedly, Trump forced young women to stand in line while he closely inspected their bodies and graded their physical appearance. According to a 1997 pageant participant, Temple Taggart, he even kissed his favorites on the mouth.

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“He kissed me directly on the lips. I thought, ‘Oh my God, gross.’ He was married to Marla Maples at the time. I think there were a few other girls that he kissed on the mouth. I was like ‘Wow, that’s inappropriate.'”

Women that didn’t pique Donald Trump’s sexual interest were, according to their own accounts, terribly disrespected. One of Trump’s favorite tactics? Using demeaning nicknames like “dear” and “hon” for powerful women he felt threatened by. All in all, current social media posts indicate many don’t approve of Donald Trump’s treatment of the ladies.

While the above accounts of misconduct by Donald Trump should be more than enough to raise eyebrows on their own, they are further compounded by the rape allegations that the presidential hopeful has faced. His former wife Ivana alleged rape against Trump but later recanted. However, Katie Johnson, who was 13 at the time she was allegedly raped by Trump, is still pursing a lawsuit against him.

So, what do you think? Do all of these allegations change your perception of The Donald? Do you think they are legitimate or perhaps just a left-wing tactic to smear Donald Trump’s reputation and jeopardize his campaign?

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