Why A Hillary Clinton Loss In Kentucky Would Be 'Yuge' For Bernie Sanders

Things aren't looking good for Hillary Clinton. A loss in Kentucky would be a "yuge" sign of her weakening campaign, because it would show that Sanders can win even when Clinton is pulling out all the stops.

Hillary Clinton is trying to break Bernie's winning streak, but some polls are showing that Bernie is gaining ground in Kentucky. A CBS reporter admitted, "The Clinton campaign isn't wildly confident that she will be successful here in Kentucky tomorrow."

It would be a tremendous blow for Clinton to lose Kentucky despite the following: Hillary promising Kentucky voters that Bill Clinton would be an active part of her presidency, out-spending Bernie on television ads in Kentucky, showing up to numerous, albeit small, events throughout the state, her previous win over Barack Obama here, and the Kentucky primary being a closed primary that shuts out independent voters.

And yet, she may lose.

A major sign of her sagging campaign in Kentucky has been Bill and Hillary Clinton's crowds, or lack of them.

CBS noted that Clinton gave her Fort Mitchell speech in "a backyard."

A backyard?

It was also reported that Hillary was "talking to diners at... a local institution."

Her audience was people eating breakfast.

These small events demonstrate that Hillary Clinton is not drawing impressive crowds, particularly when compared to Bernie Sanders, a reality revealed by the Washington Post.

"Sanders drew thousands from across the state to his weekend rallies in Paducah and Bowling Green, while Clinton drew several hundred to events in Louisville and Fort Mitchell."
But it gets worse for Clinton.

Kentucky is a closed primary -- "shutting out independents who have heavily favored Sanders in other contests," as the Washington Post reports.

However, even with Independents shut out, poll results are changing as the Kentucky primary gets closer. Where Bernie Sanders was down by 9 points a week ago, he is now estimated by Tyler Pedigo, a poll predictor who has been shockingly correct in his predictions, to squeak out a win.

And, as she desperately seeks Kentucky voters, Hillary is now promising them that Bill Clinton will work for her if she is elected.

Hillary told a small crowd of Kentucky democrats that she is going to put Bill "in charge of revitalizing the economy."

In addition, Hillary Clinton has spent a lot of money in Kentucky -- outspending Sanders on television ads 3-1.
Voters go to the polls in both Kentucky and Oregon in a matter of hours. It looks like Hillary Clinton may lose in the closed primary of Kentucky, in addition to having lost West Virginia, a state she beat Obama in by large numbers. She is also likely to lose in Oregon -- a state the Wall Street Journal reports Clinton gave up on. Clinton also previously lost Indiana to Bernie.

Therefore, if Bernie Sanders beats Clinton in both Kentucky and Oregon, he will ride a four-state winning streak into the June 7 string of six primaries, half of which Sanders is already polling as the winner.

Joseph Gerth of the Courier-Journal said the following about Clinton's possible Kentucky loss.
"It may not be a lady jockey on an Arkansas traveler trudging through the hills of Kentucky. It might just be an old white-haired guy astride a Morgan."
If Hillary Clinton can't win the Kentucky closed primary when she's giving it all she's got, how can she win the general election?

[Photo by Win McNamee/Getty Images]