Charlie Sheen Sued by American Express

Charlie Sheen has been sued by American Express after failing to pay up almost 300 thousand dollars on his exclusive Platinum card, as reported by TMZ. American Express claims that the 50-year-old actor has a whopping $287,879.28 in unpaid balance and $8,357.69 in just late fees. Sheen was required to have cleared his dues by March 12.

The Platinum card, which is the second most exclusive card offered by America Express behind the Centurion card, is more of a charging card than a credit card. It doesn’t set a limit on how much the owner may spend, and it doesn’t charge any interest. It does, however, require that the balance be paid off in full every month.

Surprisingly, the former ‘Two and a Half Men’ actor seemed quite understanding of the lawsuit. He talked with TMZ in response to the lawsuit and said, “If I was AMEX, I’d be suing me too.” Sheen then blamed his ex-business manager for the hassle.

And although this problem will undoubtedly be resolved soon, this isn’t the only legal battle that Charlie Sheen needs taken care of. He is also currently fighting two exes, Denise Richards and Brooke Mueller, in court. The two claim that they are not being paid fully in child support by Sheen, and they are reportedly planning to team up against him on this matter. Sheen has twin boys, Max and Bob, with Brooke and two daughters, Sam and Lola, with Denise.

Charlie Sheen sued
Charlie Sheen has been having a financial crisis.[Photo by Peter Kramer/NBC via AP]

Sheen, who has estimated net worth of $150 million, has recently suffered from something of a financial crisis. Thus, he had filed documents requesting that the court have the astronomical child support fees that he pays to each of his ex-wives – $55,000 a month – be reduced to a more reasonable amount.

“We came up with a number a long time ago and I had a great job and everybody was living large. and that’s not the case right now, but there’s still that expectation to still keep paying this kind of money.”

Throughout his career, Charlie Sheen and problems of every sort have gone hand in hand. His life has been rife with controversies related to drug and alcohol abuses, prostitution, fights with producers, and consequently a lot of lawsuits. And last November, the actor revealed that he was HIV positive. He also confessed that he had paid various people more than $10 million to stay quiet about his condition. He further revealed that the reason he had come forward with the revelation was because he could no longer keep up with paying these people. But that didn’t go too well for Sheen either, as the actor was sued by an ex-fiancee for $5 million for “exposing her to HIV.”

And to add to all this, Sheen now claims that his latest mix up with AMEX is a result of a bad management on part of his ex-business manager. Perhaps he should consider hiring someone more reliable given his increasing financial woes. Sheen isn’t the only celebrity who has been a victim of an awful business manager. Singer Alanis Morissette had reported a similar issue last month.

[Photo by Chris Pizzello/AP Images]