WWE News: Major Real Life Tension Between Paige And Charlotte Over Alberto Del Rio?

WWE is known these days for having couples spring up left and right with female WWE Superstars dating male WWE Superstars. It is not out of the norm, as men within WWE dated women within WWE in the past. Lately, with the Total Divas show, it seems more common, but this has been going on for years. Sometimes they are simply flings, and other times relationships occur.

Right now, WWE has a variety of couples that are front and center on WWE programming together or on the Total Divas show. Another was added to the list last week, as pictures surfaced of Paige and Alberto Del Rio together. While the public has seemingly just found out about them this past week, reports claim that they have been together before WrestleMania. Regardless of when they got together, we know of the relationship now. It does seem quite taboo to some, with Paige in her early 20s while Del Rio in his late 30s. Some feel is quite an age gap, but despite this, they seem happy and that is pretty much all that matters.

There does seem to be a bit of speculation, though, as some fans believe Paige and Del Rio are together simply for the Total Divas show. PWInsider reports the relationship is the real thing. That doesn’t mean we won’t see Del Rio appear on the show, though.

Charlotte Paige RAW
image via WWE

Before Paige and Del Rio got together, however, Alberto had a fling with WWE Women’s Champion Charlotte. Of course, Charlotte was with TNA Talent Bram for the longest time, as the two were married. They then separated and have been away from each other since then. This left Charlotte open to date or be with whoever she wanted. The divorce was eventually finalized.

Of course, when Del Rio came back to the WWE last October, no one really knew he had any plans to be with any of the women in WWE. It just sort of happened, with Charlotte being the first. Now he is with Paige, and that has left Paige and Charlotte as enemies of sorts, according to Ringside News. Things have been awkward between the two, according to the reports, and it seems they are not the best of friends right now. The two have real life tension over the situation with Del Rio, so it seems to have driven a wedge in between them.

Charlotte is currently in a program with Natalya over the Women’s Title, but it seems like Vince McMahon wants to put Paige in as Charlotte’s next opponent.

Paige hold Charlotte
image via WWE

Vince McMahon apparently knows of the tension and enjoys using real-life issues to help with programs. He has used them to fuel storylines in the past, most memorably with Matt Hardy and Edge. Vince apparently had Paige work with Charlotte on WWE RAW last week to see if they would be okay working together. The Chairman watched the match closely to see how they would do together, knowing the recent history between them.

Neither took liberties with the other, so it does seem that WWE will lean toward Paige facing Charlotte for the WWE Women’s Title down the line. Paige did end up pinning Charlotte, which will help with the storyline possibility. On top of this, Charlotte needs someone to work with up to WWE SummerSlam where she is rumored to drop the Women’s Title to Sasha Banks.

The original rivalry last year with Charlotte and Paige ended early after the two brought up Charlotte’s deceased brother Reid, so there is still a lot WWE can do. Vince has told creative to come up with some ideas for the two of them if he chooses to revive their rivalry from before. It will be interesting to see if their real life tension floats over to their on-screen rivalry. The two have been known to be friends in the past, so maybe this real-life issue won’t be any trouble for them. Both are also known to be professional, so while it might seem that the two are horrible enemies on television — acting is part of the job.

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