‘The Rocky Horror Picture Show’ Trailer Proves Laverne Cox Is Fierce And Here To Stay

The Rocky Horror Picture Show trailer starring the amazing Laverne Cox just proves how she’s always on fleek.

Guys, look at her legs and that eyebrow game. Yaas, queen! Cox will be starring as Dr. Frank N. Furter in FOX’s remake of the 1975 cult classic The Rocky Horror Picture Show, which will premiere in October.

The actress has been taking the world by storm since she hit it big playing the sassy prison hair salon stylist Sophia on the Netflix hit series Orange Is the New Black. Oh, by the way, Season 4 will be released on Friday, June 17 on Netflix, according to Us Weekly. She’s literally everywhere, guys.

The Rocky Horror Picture Show trailer isn’t the only new project where the world will be graced by the amazing presence of Laverne Cox. She made television history last week when it was announced that Cox would become TV’s first transgender series regular on the new CBS drama Doubt. The LGBT activist is more than thrilled, explains Entertainment Tonight.

“I’m so excited…It’s been such a long journey.”

On the new CBS drama Doubt, Cox will be playing a transgender defense attorney named Cameron Worth, who is “extremely passionate about her work and has a little bit of a troubled private life,” she said. While the series wasn’t initially picked up at first, CBS recently ordered the new drama, which also stars Katherine Heigl and American Horror Story’s Steve Pasquale.

While Laverne Cox has the joy of the Rocky Horror Picture Show trailer debut and has what seems to be a lot of fun in it, she still takes her craft of acting very seriously. Last August, she commented on the importance of her work as a performer while shooting Free CeCe, a documentary about an imprisoned transgender woman.

“Lately, I’ve been thinking of acting as channeling, allowing myself to be a vessel for human experience, emotion, flaws, and circumstance…I wanted to be a vessel for the experiences so many women have in prison and with violence.”

Free CeCe will be making its debut at the Los Angeles International Film Festival on June 2, reports Entertainment Tonight.

The Rocky Horror Picture Show trailer may be something to look forward to, but most Laverne Cox fans have their sights set on season four of Orange Is the New Black. Cox told Entertainment Tonight that this season was “really special” to her. We last saw Sophia being put in seclusion after undergoing a brutal attack for being transgender by her fellow inmates. In a story by TV Guide, the actress was asked if her character would be able to start anew and make peace with her attackers. Cox explained how she didn’t think that situation could “be repaired” and explained why.

“The reasons of why Sophia ended up in solitary, the violence that she experienced, that violence is a reality for far too many people who are incarcerated, particularly trans women who are far too often incarcerated in men’s prisons.”

While Laverne Cox is grateful for the fame she has received as an actress, she most importantly acknowledges her duty as an LGBT advocate and her responsibilities to the transgender community. This can be seen in the video below.

[Photo by Dave Kotinsky/Getty Images for Entertainment Weekly & People]