Woman Killed By Daughter During Deadly Driving Lesson

Newport, KY – A mother was killed by her daughter when a routine driving lesson suddenly turned quite deadly. WLWT reports that 40-year-old Kimberly Riggs was struck by the car her 15-year-old was driving during a lesson in a church parking lot. Riggs, however, survived the first strike, though she wasn’t as lucky the second time around.

Here’s how the accident allegedly went down: Riggs was standing outside of the car when it suddenly lurched forward, causing the car’s open door to strike the woman in the process. Kimberly’s teenage daughter then left and promptly reentered the church parking lot. Clearly unable to control the vehicle, the teen then drove through a fence and into the backyard of a nearby house.

Sadly, the story doesn’t end here. Witnesses claim that the car then reversed into the parking lot, spun 180 degrees, and struck the poor woman again, effectively pinning her against another fence. According to The Dreamin’ Demon, the mother had been chasing the automobile at the time.

Though bystanders attempted to warn the woman of the oncoming car, it was ultimately too late.

“I yelled to her, ‘Move!’ but it was too late, and the girl driving the car had struck the woman,” one witness explained.


Rusty Woolum, pastor of the church where this deadly driving lesson took place, tried his best to comfort the injured woman.

“She couldn’t speak but she could just barely breathe by holding her sternum,” he explained. “We were trying to keep her calm, telling her that help was on the way, that we were there with her.”

Riggs was taken to University Hospital for treatment, though she would later die from her injuries. Riggs’ daughter, meanwhile, was treated for minor facial injuries.

“She understands what has happened, but at this time we’re just trying to be with her, give her comfort as a church and as her family as well, to let her know we’re here supporting her through all this,” Woolum explained.