Tom Cruise Thinks Suri Is Possessed? Scientology Reportedly ‘Brainwashed’ The Actor

Ever since Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes got divorced in 2012, the 53-year-old actor has been rarely seen with his daughter, Suri Cruise. With all the money in the world, the Hollywood superstar can easily jump in a private plane to his little girl and back to work if he really wanted to see her. One report has a possible explanation as to why he’s avoiding his own flesh and blood.

According to Radar Online, the Hollywood hunk has been “brainwashed” by Scientology into believing that Suri is possessed by an evil spirit. The Mission Impossible star now wants to reconnect with his 10-year-old daughter so he can free the demon in her through exorcism.

The actor’s rep denied the allegations, but the organization’s whistleblowers including his former personal security head, Gary Morehead, revealed more details on his little girl’s alleged possession. Scientology church leader David Miscagive reportedly was the one who brainwashed Cruise into believing that a spirit named Thetan is trapped in his biological child’s body.

“Miscavige would have hammered home to Tom that Suri has been infiltrated by a bad Thetan,” Morehead told Radar Online. “Therefore, it’s easy for Tom to disconnect from her.”

“Once you reach the mind-set where Tom is at, he doesn’t need much convincing,” he explained. “They believe the church is ultimately right, and abide by its demands.”

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According to Radar Online’s source, the actor’s daughter will have to go through extensive exorcism procedures before she gets freed from the evil spirit. The Top Gun star is reportedly hoping to get his little girl exorcised so that he can convert her to Scientology.

Ex-wife Katie Holmes and Jamie Foxx have allegedly been keeping their relationship away from the public to protect her child. According to Hollywood Life, Holmes is scared that Cruise may take away their daughter from her and the Annie star doesn’t want that to happen.

“The last thing he wants is Tom going all ‘Collateral‘ on him. Jamie doesn’t know his crazy side and he likes to keep it that way,” their source said. “He’s heard war stories from Katie about what it’s like to be his bad side and he doesn’t want that drama.”

If the Golden Globe award winner wanted to reconnect with his child, then the best time to do that was on her 10th birthday. However, he didn’t show up on Suri’s birthday last April 18. According to Radar Online, Katie planned a weekend of fun for her little girl hoping to keep her mind away from the absence of her father. Tom’s daughter received many presents on her birthday, but those weren’t enough to make her happy.

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“Suri was miserable. She got everything — from designer outfits, a new computer and even a baby grand piano — but none of it was enough,” an insider revealed. “All she wanted was time with her dad, but he didn’t even send a present!”

“When Katie’s mom innocently asked Suri if she’d gotten everything she’d wished for her birthday, she had a total meltdown,” their source added. “The child had tears in her eyes … she put her head in her hands and started crying. It was a heartbreaking scene.”

Scientology expert and author Tony Ortega shared his theory as to why Tom Cruise avoids having any contact with his ex-wife Katie Homes and daughter Suri Cruise. The actress has been labeled by the organization as an SP (Suppressive Person) and her little girl as PTS (Potential Trouble Source).

“He is a die-hard Scientologist and part of the reason he is rarely seen with his daughter may be because of his close relationship with David Miscavige,” Ortega told Hollywood Life.

“Tom may be influenced by David who would most likely frown upon his relationship with Suri.”

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