Amy Schumer Talks Athletic Sex, Dolph Ziggler, And Steve-O Joke With Howard Stern [Video]

It’s nearly impossible to go on the Howard Stern Show and not talk about sex. So it was no surprise when Amy Schumer, a comic known for making dirty jokes on various Comedy Central Roasts, and the shock jock started talking about Schumer’s relationship with WWE star Dolph Ziggler.

Schumer said that she really liked Dolph but decided to break things off after a few rough sessions in bed. Apparently, Ziggler has a hard time stepping away from his wrestling persona and was throwing Schumer around the bed like they were in the ring. Schumer claims that she broke things off because the sex was “too athletic” for her.

What did Ziggler do exactly? Did he try to put Schumer in his signature sleeper hold? Did he show up to bed with his tag team partner Jack Swagger?

Schumer, who recently roasted Roseanne Barr, has become a regular on Comedy Central Roasts. Her most memorable performance probably came during the roast of Charlie Sheen. Why? Well, because Schumer made a joke about Steve-O and his deceased friend Ryan Dunn.

Here’s the video of Amy Schumer and Howard Stern talking about the Steve-O joke.

And, in case you forgot, here’s the joke.

Are you a fan of Amy Schumer?

If you are, you should be happy to know that she’s currently working on her own show for Comedy Central. The untitled project was described by the International Business Times as a mix between Chapelle’s Show and Louie.