May 15, 2016
Housetrained Bison Finds New Home

A housebroken bison finds a new home after her owner placed an add on Craigslist, reported CNN. Dozens of interested potential buyers contacted Karen Schoeve of Argyle, Texas, after she posted an ad in March on the website for a "Tame/Housebroken Buffalo Cow."

The bison – known as Bullet – is a beloved pet according to Schoeve, even though the animal weighs upwards of 1,100 pounds. She told CNN that money was not a factor in the sale, although the bison was listed for an asking price of $5,960. Schoeve also said the seven-year-old bison has developed a "special bond" with humans and has been handled since birth.
"Even though Bullet lived outside, she was known to make her presence inside Schoeve's home whenever she wanted."
Sometimes they would find the bison had entered the home through a door that was left open or blown open by the wind, roaming around freely inside. Still, Schoeve says Bullet never relieved herself inside.
"She was just being curious. She loved to smell everything."
According to ABC News, Schoeve was "fighting back tears" about the decision to find the bison a new home, but she felt strongly that it was best to give her "better space" and "bigger grassland." She originally purchased the animal with dreams of opening up an animal education center with her husband, but after the couple separated and later divorced, she was forced to downsize, leaving Bullet the bison with limited room to roam.
"I wanted to keep her, but I knew I needed to let go of her. I am starting over completely and I am just trying to dig myself out."
Watching the fish tank and cooling off in the air conditioning are among Bullet's favorite indoor activities, and Schoeve says she is also no stranger to kids and has been featured in the children's book, The Animals of Heaven, by Nancy Tillman.
After a couple of months of searching, Schoeve was able to find Bullet the bison a new home only a few miles away with new owners who wish to remain anonymous. She says they have a large pasture for Bullet to enjoy and two cows to keep the bison company.
"When they met, one of the cows picked up a branch with leaves and laid it down in front of Bullet. It was a peace offering."
Bullet the bison was taken to her new home on Saturday and Schoeve says she has become friends with the new owners, who even gave her a key to the property and are encouraging her to come visit whenever she feels the need to spend some quality time with her unusual friend.

Schoeve said when she was leaving Saturday Bullet ran all the way from the other side of the large pasture to say goodbye.

"She walks around the pasture then she looks back at me. It was like Bullet was asking if it was OK."
As for whether Bullet the bison will be permitted to find out what the inside of her new home looks like, there's no official word yet, but if she continues to live life as a fully housebroken bison, this probably won't be her last 15 minutes of fame.

[Photo via Twitter]