Ozzy Osbourne: Wrong Michelle Pugh Singled Out As His Mistress

The marital problems of Ozzy and Sharon Osbourne have been all over celebrity news sites this week, and the name given for the woman with whom Ozzy had an affair is Michelle Pugh. Fans of the Osbournes have been angry with Pugh to say the least. They have targeted insults and accusations at her this week. Unfortunately, as reported by Hollywood Life, the Michelle Pugh they have been attacking is not the Michelle Pugh with whom Ozzy had an affair. And their attacks are hurting business for the wrong Michelle Pugh.

The woman who has been the object of Ozzy Osbourne fans is a nail tech from Washington. She found the confusion humorous at first, but once the attacks of Ozzy fans began hurting business, it wasn't funny anymore. Hollywood Life reports that

"Once she started getting hateful direct messages and comments on social media, calling her a 'whore and a homewrecker,' she became annoyed."
She reportedly has blocked the offenders and deleted the messages accusing her of destroying the Osbourne marriage. That takes care of the personal injury. But it doesn't repair the damage done to her business.The Beverly Hills hairdresser who did allegedly have an affair with Ozzy Osbourne went into hiding once her name became public.

As recently reported by the Inquisitr, Sharon Osbourne says that she discovered the affair after going through Ozzy's emails. She confirmed that Ozzy was having an affair and that hairdresser Michelle Pugh was his mistress. Emails sent by Ozzy also indicated that he was supporting Pugh. Both Sharon and daughter Kelly tried to contact her at her place of business for a couple of weeks before the story went public. Earlier this week, the Osbournes were seen together at an event for Ozzy's band. Some hoped this meant they were reuniting, but Sharon is still the band manager and appeared with Ozzy solely in that capacity, not as a gesture of forgiveness or reconciliation.

Ozzy was initially thrown out of his home but returned a couple of days later. In response, his wife moved out. It has been confirmed that she has spoken with a divorce attorney, but she indicated on The Talk this week that she has not made a final decision on the fate of her marriage. This is not the first time that she has discovered Ozzy was having an extramarital affair and says that this time is different because she doesn't feel she should have to live this way at 63-years-old.


Ozzy has been issued some conditions upon which a possible reconciliation ride. His wife is insisting that he do two things. The first is that Ozzy attend marriage counseling with her. The second is that he go to rehab for sex addiction. Sharon has also chosen the facility that she feels would most benefit Ozzy - Pine Grove, the facility Tiger Woods went to for sex addiction treatment.

This is not the first time the Osbourne marriage has been on rocky ground. Sharon previously left Ozzy when his drug and alcohol abuse spiraled out of control. She left him at that time and insisted that he get treatment for substance abuse. Ozzy did as she wished, they reconciled, and he says he has been clean ever since.

Ozzy Osbourne was born on December 3, 1948, in Birmingham, England. He became famous as the lead man for the heavy metal band Black Sabbath. In the late 70s, he decided to pursue a solo career and became widely known for extreme behavior including urinating on the Alamo and biting off the head of a bite in his performances. Ozzy has three children from his marriage with Sharon - Aimee, Kelly, and Jack.

[Photo by Kevin Winter/Getty Images]