May 15, 2016
Katy Perry, Orlando Bloom Make Out Amid Selena Gomez Rumors

Katy Perry has proven to everyone that she's standing by her man. She was seen giving her man some love on a yacht in Cannes.

Nearly a week after Orlando Bloom was photographed snuggling with Selena Gomez in a Las Vegas nightclub, he was photographed kissing Katy Perry on a yacht on Sunday, May 15. It appears that Katy Perry doesn't think that Orlando Bloom cheated on her with Selena Gomez. The couple looked happier than ever on their yacht trip in Cannes.

The 31-year-old pop star was seen wearing a black-and-white graphic print sarong and orange wooden jewelry. Meanwhile, Orlando wore an orange T-Shirt and was seen rocking a shorter than usual hairstyle. The reason why Katy is in town for Cannes is that she's scheduled to perform at the amfAR Cinema Against AIDS benefit this coming week. Orlando was seen jumping off a speedboat onto the yacht at the Hotel Du Cap Eden Roc. He seemed like he couldn't wait to reconnect with Katy again.Perry called out those cheating allegations on Twitter earlier this week. In one of her tweets, she called the situation a "dump conspiracy" and suggested that her followers should read an article Bloom wrote about his recent charity work with UNICEF. Gomez even supported Perry by retweeting the message along with the message, "#killemwithkindness one day they'll get it lol."An insider told the Hollywood Life that Katy Perry doesn't want to give up the intense sexual chemistry that she shares with Orlando Bloom.
"She's fallen so hard for Orlando she doesn't want to lose him. Katy feels like they have a deep soul connection, plus their sex life is next level, she just doesn't want to give that up."
The couple obviously look like they have share a sexy connection. Ever since Perry started dating the 39-year-old actor after the Golden Globe Awards, their four-month relationship has become a whirlwind romance. Perry and Bloom have been showing off some insane PDA in their recent trips to Hawaii, New York City, and all around California.

One of the reasons why the "Dark Horse" singer didn't want to leave Orlando is because she doesn't believe the cheating rumors. She's well aware of how the tabloids can spin something out of nothing. It's not the first time that the media has started rumors about her relationship.

"Katy has experience with how the media can flip things around, so she's not fazed by this," an insider revealed to E! News on May 13. "They are still together and have no issues with each other. Orlando explained everything to Katy, and Katy didn't look too much into the matter anyway."

So, how did explain those cozy photos with Selena Gomez? He was open and honest with Perry, a second source told the Hollywood Life.

"Orlando is very Buddhist — he doesn't let negativity suck him in. And he told Katy not to let it get to her, either. [He told her] this is just another case of the media not telling the whole story. He's got her convinced that if she stops seeing him over this, she's letting 'them' win. She's bought into it because she wants to — she's fallen so hard for Orlando and she doesn't want to lose him"
Apparently, Katy's friends have also convinced her not to believe the hype. Both Selena and Orlando told her what really happened as those two are the only ones who do know.
"Katy had people from all over the place telling her not to believe that hype and that Orlando would never do that. It wasn't just Selena and Orlando swearing to her that nothing happened, it was an avalanche of people. So many people love these two as a couple, they would hate to see her throw it away with jealousy."
What are your thoughts on these photos? Are you surprised to hear that Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom are still together in light of the Selena Gomez drama? Or, do you feel that it's all just a huge misunderstanding? Sound off below in the comments section.

[Photo by Stefanie Keenan/Getty Images for Coach]