May 15, 2016
Sarah Palin Is On Donald Trump's VP Short List Says Ben Carson

According to ousted Republican presidential candidate Ben Carson, Donald Trump is considering Sarah Palin as his presidential running mate. Ever since Ted Cruz's humiliating concession speech, rumors have been circulating regarding whose name would be added to the presumptive GOP nominee's ticket. Trump, however, has remained quiet on the matter. Carson has reportedly been aiding the former reality TV star in his unlikely search for a vice president, and The Washington Post reports that he may have let the cat out of the bag.

Carson was reportedly riding with a reporter on the way to a televised interview the possibility of a Donald Trump/Sarah Palin presidential ticket was revealed. He'd told the reporter that he didn't want to be Trump's second-in-command, despite having just heard about a recent poll that indicated that he was the "best liked" among The Donald's potential VP's.

When he heard the news, he asked the reporter who else was on the "liked" list. The reporter told him that after himself, the "best liked" Trump-ticket vice presidential candidates were John Kasich, Marco Rubio, Ted Cruz, Sarah Palin and Chris Christie.

Trump Palin NYC
[Photo by Andrew Burton/Getty Images]It was then when Carson let it slip that Sarah Palin is in contention for the vice presidential slot when he responded, "Those are all people on our list."

His wife was quick to remind that while the others may be on the list, Carson himself was not.

Of the potential Trump VPs listed, Sarah Palin was the only one who hadn't directly competed with Trump in the 2016 presidential primaries. Indeed, the former governor of Alaska has been a vocal supporter of Donald Trump this campaign cycle.

While the Trump campaign has been pretty tight-lipped about a potential vice president for the presumptive Republican nominee, Carson didn't seem to mind name-dropping or even to think twice about naming Sarah Palin as a potential running mate for Trump. Not surprisingly, social media had some commentary on a potential Trump/Palin ticket.

This isn't the first time that Carson, who has been considered a "surrogate" for Donald since his hasty withdrawal from the presidential race, has behaved in a manner that seems to be contradictory to supporting Trump's campaign. He has publicly acknowledged that Donald Trump isn't his first choice for president, but that he's supporting him to be "pragmatic." He's also said that The Donald has "major defects," talked down about Trumps outrageous use of Twitter and even suggested that the campaign might look toward the Democrats to fill the vacant vice president slot on Trump's ticket.

According to reports, Carson was promised a position in Donald Trump's cabinet for his support should the real estate billionaire manage to be successful in his unlikely White House bid.

While Carson didn't hold back in naming Sarah Palin as a potential vice presidential pick, he has been adamant that he has no intention of pursuing the position himself, even if he is viewed as the "best liked" VP candidate.

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[Photo by Aaron P. Bernstein/Getty Images]If Carson was speaking truth and Sarah Palin is being considered for a vice presidential run, such a pairing could add another layer of controversy to a campaign that redefines "controversial" on a daily basis. It would also be the second time that Palin attempted to achieve the vice presidency; she was on John McCain's losing ticked back in 2008. Since then, she quit her job as the Governor of Alaska and she and her family have been used as tabloid fodder.

Back in January, Donald Trump talked circles around the "Sarah Palin question," reports CNN. When he was directly asked if he thought Sarah Palin would consider becoming his running mate, he didn't say that he wouldn't consider her. Rather, he said he didn't think she would want to. He also said he wasn't thinking that far ahead at the time.

"I don't think she'd want to do it. She's been through that."
Since then, though, Sarah Palin has been a highly-visible Trump supporter, and The Donald is thinking that far ahead. He's gone from being an unlikely candidate to the front-runner to the Republican party's presumptive presidential nominee.

There's been no word from Sarah Palin or her people regarding the potential of a second vice presidential run.

What do you think? Would you support a Donald Trump/Sarah Palin ticket, or does that sound like the stuff nightmares (or bad jokes) are made of?

[Image Courtesy Of Andrew Burton/Getty Images]