May 15, 2016
Prince Won't Have A 'Funeral' Until August, Legendary Singer's Sister Claims Estate Battle Not To Blame For Delay

It's been three weeks since Prince died, but he won't be having a funeral anytime soon. Unfortunately, there are so many obstacles that appear to have taken precedence over The Purple One's funeral, and the media speculates all roads lead to money - $300 million to be exact. It has been reported that the battle for Prince's massive estate is heating up so his siblings, the presumed heirs of his estate, have decided the battle should come before the funeral. However, Prince's sister, Tyka Nelson, claims that isn't the case.

According to Radar Online, Tyka took to Facebook on May 13 with an announcement about the delay of the funeral and the proposed plan to have the service in August. She also included a brief statement addressing the alleged war between her and their five half-siblings. The lengthy Facebook rant has caught the attention of news outlets everywhere. "The proposed plan is to have our Memorial/Funeral/Tribute in August," Tyka reportedly wrote. "Let me make myself VERY CLEAR! [Neither] I nor my brother's remains will be present at any Memorial or Funeral services, until the families [sic] Memorial/Funeral/Tribute."

Although Tyka confirmed the funeral would be taking place in the near future, she didn't explain why the funeral has been delayed. However, she did confirm she and her siblings are not at war, despite the rumors about their alleged fight for Prince's $300 million estate. She also spoke directly to Prince fans and offered her support to all fans who desire to have memorial services and tributes for the iconic musician.

"The grief process is a unique experience to each individual and Therefore I support any and all Memorials or Funerals that have happened and/or are being planned…" she wrote. "However I will Not be in attendance, because I feel that once…is enough."

Although there were numerous reports about a rumored funeral that took place just two days after Prince died on April 21, Tyka has confirmed that no such funeral took place. She confirmed there were plans to have one on April 23, but the family ultimately decided to cancel the funeral. "My brother was a Very Private man and so a Funeral had been planned for Saturday April 23rd," Tyka revealed. "But on the evening of Friday April 22nd while we were in the process of inviting a small group of family and friends, those Funeral plans had to be sadly aborted."

Tyka's statement about Prince follows a string of reports about the legalities surrounding his massive estate. In addition to the battle between the siblings, there are numerous claims from people around the country claiming to be related to Prince. In fact, one man in particular, Carlin Qar'Tune Williams, is claiming to be Prince's son. But, according to another report released by Radar Online, two more people have joined the legal battle for Prince's estate claiming to be legitimate heirs.

The decision to have a funeral later this summer has angered an overwhelming number of Prince fans. Many have taken to social media with angry responses to the seemingly insensitive manner in which the funeral plans have been handled.

Here are some of the responses from angry fans:

At this point, there still isn't a definite date for Prince's official funeral. However, adoring fans across the world have opted to have their own ceremonies and tributes. Tons of photos have flooded the Internet with fans in purple paying homage to the fallen star.
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