May 15, 2016
Rob Zombie Loves Babymetal: 'It's The Most Bizarre F*****g Thing!'

Babymetal is a unique addition to the metal genre, and whatever else you may think of their music, no one can really deny their ingenuity and their passion for their art, which is something Rob Zombie appreciates. Zombie recently made headlines when he took to defending Babymetal against critics and even against his own fans. To say that Rob was floored by the show put on by the all-female trio may be putting it mildly.

Rob Zombie Offers High Praise For Babymetal And Their Wild Stage Antics

Zombie says he has long been intrigued by Babymetal and their unique vision when it comes to creating music around the most unusual range of topics. One such example might be the heavy banging metal song that sings the praises of chocolate. Yes, Babymetal rocks out on chocolate. Even so, Rob says he has never seen them live until recently and The Electric Warlock Acid Witch Satanic Orgy Celebration Dispenser singer says seeing Babymetal live concert can't even compare to the band's recorded music or videos.

"I saw them the other day for the first time. I mean, I'd seen videos and stuff, but I saw them live for the first time the other day, and I just loved it; it was like nothing I had ever seen before," says Rob Zombie. "I mean, it was just like… Leave it to the Japanese to find a way to make f*****g death metal cute."

Zombie goes on to try to describe the experience, an event enjoyed by Babymetal's massive following as much as by Rob, himself. Zombie says the trio of young women dancing on stage, as they sing new hits from their latest album, is the something one has to see to believe.

"But it was awesome. And the crowd… The crowd was going f*****g apesh--. The amount of crowdsurfing and stage diving and just complete mayhem, which made it even funnier, 'cause it's three cute little girls doing f*****g karate on stage and s**t, and these guys [that are backing them] are dressed like ghosts, all in white. It's the most bizarre f*****g thing. It's totally worth watching; it's so good."
Zombie Defends Babymetal When His Own Fans Attack The All-Girl Metal BandRob's fascination with Babymetal is something he wants to share with his own fans, and he recently did so by sharing a picture of himself posing along with Babymetal members Suzuka Nakamoto as "Su-metal," Yui Mizuno as "Yuimetal," and Moa Kikuchi as "Moametal." Rob has also said that Babymetal has more energy and passion than most of the other bands he has played with on his own tours.

In response, Zombie's fans were less accepting than he would have hoped, throwing shade at Babymetal in the comments section of the photo Zombie shared.

"A shameful embarrassment to anything metal," wrote one fan.

"[Babymetal] are awful. This is lame. I love you, Rob, but shame on you."
"Are you kidding me, Rob? Babymetal is J-pop, not metal. But to each their own, I guess," criticized a third fan.
Zombie wasn't likely to let such remarks slide by without retorting. He was quick to defend his love for Babymetal and his appreciation for a group of girls who give everything they have in making each and every show an event to be remembered. Zombie points out that Babymetal is a dream come true for Yuimetal, Moametal, and Su-Metal and that, while most people let their own dreams fall by the wayside, these girls are living their fantasy life and doing very well indeed.

"Hey, they are nice kids out on the road touring," says Rob. "What are you doing besides being a grumpy old f---?"

In response, Babymetal responded to Rob Zombie on that same post.

"Thank you Rob! The Spirit of HEAVY METAL traversed across the World, rose above language barriers, went beyond generations and created countless legends. See you again at Northern Invasion!"
[Image by Jason Davis/Getty Images]