Get Oregon, Kentucky Primary Election Results Live Stream: Can Bernie Sanders 'Momentum' Hold Off Hillary Clinton Again?

Oregon and Kentucky hold their presidential primary elections on Tuesday, with coverage and results that will stream live May 17, as Democratic challenger Bernie Sanders faces two must-win situations as he tries to make his case against frontrunner Hillary Clinton.

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Oregon also holds its Republican presidential primary on Tuesday, but Donald Trump, as the only candidate remaining in the race and the party's presumptive nominee, is expected to win an overwhelming victory.

To win the Democratic nomination, Sanders must persuade hundreds of so-called superdelegates who have pledged their support to Clinton to change their minds and vote for him instead. To have even a faint hope of pulling off that unlikely feat, Sanders must show that he has "momentum" as the primary season comes to an end, with the Democratic National Convention looming on July 25 in Philadelphia.

Both Oregon and Kentucky have been considered by many experts to be fertile ground for Sanders victories, which would give him four consecutive wins in binding state primaries — after the "democratic socialist" senator from Vermont won last week's West Virginia primary and the Indiana Democratic primary the week before that.

But while polls have been scarce in both Oregon and Kentucky, several trends now point to possible Clinton upsets in both states, wins that for Clinton would appear to end any argument that Sanders could make for ousting her at the convention.

Both states hold "closed" primaries, meaning that only Democrats — not independents or Republicans — may vote in the Democratic primaries. Sanders has yet to win a single closed primary contest.

The lone poll taken in Oregon, from May 6 to May 9, by DHM Research, shocked the Sanders camp by showing Clinton with a 15 percentage-point lead in the state.

Also, Oregon conducts its primary by mail, so turnout and demographic information has already begun rolling in. The data shows that voters in the Oregon primary have so far come from older age groups — groups that lean heavily toward Clinton while Sanders dominates with younger voters.

In Kentucky, no poll has been conducted since March, when a Public Policy Polling survey showed Hillary Clinton leading Bernie Sanders by five points. But the closed primary may also favor Clinton in that state as well.There are several ways to get a live stream of the May 17 Oregon and Kentucky primary election results and coverage. The results of both elections should start becoming clear once polls close at 6:00 p.m. Eastern Daylight Time, 3:00 p.m. Pacific, in Kentucky. In Oregon, voting ends at 8 p.m. Pacific Time, 11 p.m. Eastern.ABC News Go — the free, online service provided by ABC News — offers a continuous live news coverage stream in the video below.

For live Oregon and Kentucky primary election coverage and results with a conservative tint, the right-leaning network Newsmax offers a stream in this video.

Here is one more live stream that will the carry May 17 Oregon and Kentucky primary election results and analysis.

And finally, a live UStream video which provides one more alternative for primary election results and coverage.

To get live, constantly updated raw results from the 2016 Oregon and Kentucky presidential primary elections — without commentary or video — go to the Washington Post at this link, or Politico at this link.


For live online streaming and coverage of the May 17 Oregon and Kentucky primary results — with no cable login credentials required — check out CBS News at this link, or ABC News Go by clicking on this link.

Live streaming feeds with commentary and immediate results from the three major cable news networks are also available online, although they mostly require cable or satellite provider online login credentials. Find the CNN feed at this link, MSNBC here at this link, and Fox News by clicking here. Or try this alternative link to get live Oregon and Kentucky primary election coverage and results.

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