May 15, 2016
Novak Djokovic Loses Dignity After Losing To Andy Murray In Rome

Novak Djokovic lost a little bit of his dignity and composure when he lost to Andy Murray in Rome. It was the worst loss that Novak suffered in 2015, losing in just two sets, 6-3, 6-3, to the Scotsman, who became a new father this year. Just a week to go till French Open 2016, Novak Djokovic may be feeling insecure about his game.

Right after his devastating final loss to Andy Murray, the world number one vented about the fact that the umpire was not fair with him. It had been drizzling the entire game, which made the conditions difficult for the Serbian.

"I didn't ask him to postpone the match," Novak said according to the Guardian. "I asked to have a little break where we would give a little time, maybe five more minutes, to people to arrange the court. The chair umpire knew that the forecast was good. There was not going to be any rain. I didn't see any reason why we couldn't stop."

The fact that he was steadily losing his points against Andy meant that he needed someone to vent his anger and frustration at. After losing the first set, he eventually exploded at the umpire.

When talking about that moment, the Serbian said, "These kind of matches are important for both players," according to the Guardian. "There is a lot at stake. When you play a rival, and of course you want to win, sometimes you get too emotional. I threw a racket, it bounced over the fence, and I got a warning instantly. So the chair umpire was on fire today. He really wanted to show his authority to me. So congratulations to him."

Whoa. There definitely is a bit of attitude and irony at the end of his speech. Let's hope that the world number one does not get on the bad side of the tournament organizers.

Meanwhile, the new father Andy Murray is ecstatic about the win at Rome.

"I've had great preparation now going into the French Open," he said according to BBC. "I have played against Rafa a couple of times, Novak a couple of times. You know, not won all of the matches, but competed extremely well even in the ones I have lost. "[I'm] going to Roland Garros with a lot of confidence. Over best of five, as well, takes a little bit more physical and mental strength."

Maybe this is the year that he can finally seize the trophy at the French Open 2016.

Andy Murray just made a huge shift in his team, saying goodbye to his coach Amelie Mauresmo. He has had great success with her, the "highest-profile female coach in tennis," according to New York Times. With her coaching, "Murray maintained a career-best ranking of No. 2, reached two Australian Open finals, and nearly single-handedly led Britain to a Davis Cup title."

The reason behind their parting of ways depends on their "scheduling problems," which worsened with Amelie Mauresmo greeting a young son into the world, as well as being the French Fed Cup captain.

She has also helped Andy Murray reign in his outbursts on court, which now has transferred over to the world number one.

The fact that Novak is losing a bit of his temper and patience on court means that he is not feeling so stable going into French Open 2016. While he has been pretty dominant on court, losing such devastatingly to Andy Murray in Rome may have felt like he got his rug pulled out under him.

Who do you think has a better chance of winning French Open? Andy Murray or Novak Djokovic? Let me know in the comments below!

[Photo by Matthew Lewis/Getty Images]