May 15, 2016
‘Grimm’ Recap And Spoilers: Is This The Object That Will End Black Claw?

In Grimm Season 5, Episode 20, the mystery object that healed Monroe (Silas Weir Mitchell) came back to the scene after a few episodes out without a mention. This time, Nick Burkhardt (David Guintoli) was showing it to a fellow Grimm, Trubel (Jacqueline Toboli) just in case anything happens to him as he tries to get his family back from the hands of the Black Claw.

The mystery object is typically a piece of wood known as the "stick" that was safely hidden in a box which Nick and Monroe retrieved from the ruins of an ancient church during their little treasure hunting adventure to the black forest. This mystery object has already been revealed to possess healing powers especially while in the hands of a Grimm.

However, there are a few more words written on the cloth that wrapped the object when Nick, Monroe, Rosalee (Bree Turner), Wu (Reggie Lee), and Hank Griffin (Russel Hornsby) pulled it out of the ancient box. One of the words written on the cloth was translated to mean something "perilous," "threatening," "hazardous," or "dangerous."

There are several possibilities to what the words could mean, but given the magical nature of Grimm, it could yet imply that someone who holds the stick could do terrible things with it. As such, it is ideal to conclude that other than the power of healing wounds and injuries, this stick could be used as a weapon.

Now, one of the theories could be that given the fact it probably has been absorbing illnesses and injuries from people for several years, it could eventually implode, in which case it could release the wrath of all the diseases it has absorbed over time.

However, the most interesting theory is that Nick is yet to explore the powers of this stick. Notice that even the healing part came out as an accident. So it is a possibility that if Nick and his team were to investigate further about the mysterious stick, then they could unearth more information that could reveal immense powers.

At the moment, Nick, his team, and the HW have no chance when facing Diana (Hannah R. Loyd). Her powers have already proven too much for HW's best weapon, Eve (Bitsie Tulloch). So how do they stop Black Claw? Or does the storyline end with Black Claw taking over the world in what would be the beginning of a period dominated by wesen rule?

It's highly unlikely given the fact the lead character is on the other side. So how can the stick be the weapon that defeats Diana and in the process end Black Claw? If the theory for the origins of the stick stands, then there is a strong suggestion that it could be traced to the piece of the cross that Jesus was crucified on or the spear that was used to strike him on the side. So in short, the piece of wood is covered with the blood of Jesus.

On the other hand, even given the fact that Diana is a hexenbiest, her powers are proving to be a little more than what ordinary hexenbiests possess, and she is still only a child. So, is she the "beast" that is supposed to eventually take over the world? That could be a possible theory, in which case, it would make sense that the piece of wood recovered from that box could be the weapon that ends her and Black Claw. So, is there anyone for the famous "Jesus versus the beast story?"

In summary, Grimm Season 5 is coming to an end soon given that 20 episodes have already been aired. The next episode of the TV show is titled "Beginning of the End (1)" as Nick is set on a war path while Black Claw makes a strategic move against Hank.

Grimm has already been renewed for Season 6, which means that the next two episodes could be set to prepare the path for the series' next chapter.

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