Killer Mom Who Stomped On Her Own Toddler Is Attacked In Prison – Woman Brutally Assaulted In ‘Revenge Attack’ By Fellow Inmates

Alap Naik Desai - Author

Oct. 30 2018, Updated 5:01 a.m. ET

Killer mom Kathryn Smith, who stomped on her own child and killed her, was brutally attacked in prison. At least two fellow inmates accosted the woman and beat her, before slashing her face with a crude blade.

Twenty-three-year-old Smith, who stomped her daughter to death, was punched, kicked and had her face slashed, in a ruthless prison “revenge attack.” The lifer was allegedly grabbed by at least 10 hardcore inmates on a stairwell in Foston Hall women’s prison, reported the Daily Mail. Thereafter, the inmates viciously punched and kicked in an attack that lasted for about four minutes. Before letting the screaming victim go, two of the women attacked Smith with a shank, a crude home-blade usually fashioned out of a toothbrush and a shaving blade.

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The attack appears to be premeditated. Unconfirmed reports indicate women inmates were desperate to punish the mother who killed her own child. The fellow prisoners had even christened the attack “Revenge for Ayeeshia.” The prisoners wanted to seek revenge on the young mother for killing her helpless toddler daughter by stomping on her.

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A convicted drug addict, Kathryn Smith was handed out a minimum 24-year sentence last month for Ayeeshia’s murder in Burton upon Trent, Staffordshire, reported the Mirror. Smith was found guilty of murdering her daughter Ayeeshia. The child was just 21 months old at the time of her death on May 1, 2014. A stunned court sat in utter silence as the lawyers narrated how tiny Ayeeshia pleaded with her mother and father to stop attacking her by saying “stop mummy, stop daddy.”

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Ignoring her cries for help, Smith mercilessly stomped on her daughter with such intensity, the child suffered a fatal heart injury, three broken ribs, and bit through her own tongue. The mother even called the emergency helpline and stated her daughter had suffered a seizure. The defenseless toddler died after suffering injuries normally seen in car crash victims, reportedThe Sun. Smith’s boyfriend Matthew Rigby too, was present in the same room. However, he wasn’t tried for the death of an innocent kid. Twenty-two-year-old Rigby was sentenced to three-and-a-half years for causing or allowing the toddler’s death.

While delivering the verdict, the judge said the child’s life was “brutally snuffed out” by “a vicious beating in her own bedroom.” Moreover, the judge noted that Smith attempted to fool the court appointed psychoanalyst by telling them, “what they wanted to hear.”

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A prison spokesperson acknowledged the incident, but denied the use of a makeshift knife, reportedMetro. The official narration of the attack states the following.

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“On Thursday 14th April a prisoner at HMP Foston Hall was allegedly involved in an incident involving two other offenders. There is no evidence a weapon was used but the prisoner suffered minor injuries and was treated in the prison. The incident was reported to the police and the prison began disciplinary action against those involved.”

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However, sources indicated the local media that the attack was meticulously planned. But many women backed out stating they didn’t want their sentences extended. Inmates housed in Foston Hall represent some of the fiercest and meanest women. There are multiple hardened criminals who have been jailed for committing heinous crimes. Quite a few inmates are lifers, and the attack was most likely orchestrated by some of these inmates since they had no chance of getting out early.

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Besides the inmates, who hated Smith for her brutal crimes, even some of the staff appeared indifferent to the assault. It appears some of the staff members were heard saying, “What goes around comes around,” clearly implying Kathryn Smith got what she deserved.

There have been numerous incidents involving inmates who have savagely attacked their fellow prisoners in a revenge attack. Many of the attacks were on people who had committed unspeakable acts on children.

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