May 15, 2016
Gwen Stefani Confesses To Taking Sexy Bed Selfies For Blake Shelton, Says Makeup-Free Photo Was Meant For Him

Gwen Stefani just admitted that she likes to send sexy bed selfies to Blake Shelton, and her bare-faced photo that recently went viral was originally supposed to be for her boyfriend's eyes only. However, Gwen liked her makeup-free selfie so much that she decided to share it with her fans on Instagram.

On Friday, Gwen Stefani shared a fresh-faced photo that the internet just can't get enough of. In the picture, the 46-year-old "Make Me Like You" singer has ditched her signature red lip and thick and black eyeliner. Her blonde mane is wild and untamed, and she's wearing a comfy T-shirt while she relaxes in bed.

Gwen Stefani's fans immediately fell in love with her intimate bedtime selfie.

"You are one beautiful lady Gwen. Natural never looked so good on anybody! Wow," one of Gwen's Instagram followers wrote.

"I think you look the best like this!" another commented.

According to Gwen Stefani, she was trying to take a cute bed selfie for Blake Shelton when she snapped the photo above. She had a little down time during her very busy weekend, and she decided to test the new camera on her phone.

"I was just like laying there, I just got in bed and I was like, 'Maybe I'll send a picture to Blake,'" Gwen told People at 102.7 KIIS FM's 2016 Wango Tango on Saturday. "You just start doing like fooling around with it. I had actually a new camera on my phone and I just took that picture."

Gwen Stefani confessed that she snapped 10 photos before taking one that she thought was "cute" enough to send to Blake Shelton, and she ended up liking it so much that she decided to share it on social media. The Instagram photo currently has over 118,000 likes.

Gwen's makeup-free selfie likely garnered so much attention because she's so rarely seen without a full face of makeup on. As the Inquisitr previously reported, Gwen has always been rather makeup-obsessed, and she got in the habit of wearing it every day during her marriage to Gavin Rossdale. According to Gwen, Gavin let her know that he preferred the way she looked with makeup on, so she wore it at home to keep her husband happy. Blake Shelton seemingly doesn't share Gavin Rossdale's affinity for face paint — he likes to see what's "underneath it all."

Some of Gwen Stefani's fans might think it's a miracle that Blake Shelton has made his girlfriend feel comfortable posing without makeup on, and Gwen says that this isn't the only miraculous feat that her boyfriend has performed — she also thinks that he truly blessed her by inviting her to make music with him. Gwen chatted with E! News before her Saturday performance at Wango Tango, and she revealed that she was still basking in the exhilarating afterglow of performing her new duet with Blake, "Go Ahead and Break My Heart," on The Voice.

"That feels crazy. That feels extreme. Yeah...It feels like, 'wow, that happened.' I can't believe I wrote a song with that guy," Gwen said of collaborating with her cowboy beau.

"And then we got a chance to sing it together on The Voice. Like...and everyone got to see that. It was a miracle. It was incredible."
During an interview with Entertainment Tonight, Blake Shelton confessed that he wrote his half of "Go Ahead and Break My Heart" because he wanted to dazzle his new girlfriend with his songwriting skills.

"When I originally started writing this song that we're performing tonight, I was only trying to impress Gwen," Blake revealed. However, the tune eventually became a collaborative effort.

The country star said that Gwen taught him a lot about songwriting while they worked together, including the importance of being "brutally honest" when penning tunes about his personal life. So it seems as though Gwen Stefani has inspired Blake Shelton to bare his soul, while Blake has inspired Gwen to bare her face.

[Photo by Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images]