May 15, 2016
New Poll Says One In Five In-Flight Crew Members Has Had Sex On A Plane

For many people, sex on an airplane is an item on their bucket list. For many people, joining the so-called "Mile High Club" is something on their lifetime agenda. Of course, in modern times, with airplanes packed to the gills with passengers, with smaller and smaller seats available and bathrooms that are literally the size of broom closets, the idea of having sex on a plane might be less and less of an option.

However, apparently, if you fly on an airplane for a living, as in-flight crew members do, opportunities eventually present themselves, and according to a new poll conducted by, at least 20 percent of in-flight crew members have had sex on an airplane. In fact, 21 percent of in-flight crew members admitted to having sex with a colleague in flight. Following not too far behind, 14 percent of in-flight crew members copped to having sex with a passenger on a plane.

in-flight crew members
[Photo by Tim Graham/Getty Images]Shocking? Perhaps. However, what might be even more shocking is that almost 90 percent of in-flight crew members admitted to breaking some sort of a rule on an airplane. Are any of these rule breakages major or something that would endanger passengers or the flight? No. But, it is an interesting statistic. In fact, the most common rule breakage that in-flight crew members engage in is lying about the availability of things like duty free products, most likely just because they don't want to deal with the headache of an explanation. However, one in five in-flight crew members says that they've short-changed airline passengers by giving them incorrect change in a different currency because airline passengers either don't know the difference or don't count their change.

When it comes to air travel, what else is good to know if you're flying the friendly skies?

Anonymous in-flight crew members have suggested on Reddit that airline passengers might think about refraining from drinking the coffee. You can speculate as to the reasons on your own. Another tip is to not bothering to lock your suitcase. If anything suspicious comes up in a scan on your luggage, TSA members have no qualms about simply breaking the lock and opening it up, and the fact that it's locked may give them a reason to break the lock to look inside. Another tip is to bring your own headphones instead of renting the ones that the airline provides, and that's not just to save money. Even though the headphones the in-flight crew members give you are in plastic bags, it by no means mean that they are new.

Old flight tags are a no-no too, according to in-flight crew members. Some passengers will keep the flight tags from previous trips on their bags, kind of like a badge of courage, and yet it can cause major headaches. Often, baggage handlers and conveyor belt scanners will get confused by old flight tags and even though you're headed for Cincinnati your bags might end up in Los Angeles.

in-flight crew members admit to having sex on planes
[Photo by Scott Olson/Getty Images]Another tip, according to in-flight crew members is to be nice, no matter what. Especially since September 11th, 2001, most of us know that being kind and courteous to airline personnel is not only recommended, it's pretty much mandatory unless you'd like a Federal Marshall walking up the jet way to escort you off of the plane. But simple kindness can go a lot further than that. Perks and improvements on any flight are easy to obtain through simple kindness. "Ask and ye shall receive," as the old saying goes, as long as you do it with a friendly disposition.

A lot of this might seem like common sense, but here's an airline tip from in-flight crew members that might really come in handy: buy your airline tickets on a Tuesday and fly on a Tuesday, Wednesday or Saturday. In-flight crew members and industry experts say that the cheapest and best time to buy a ticket is on Tuesday afternoon and then pick a flight that leaves and returns on a Tuesday, Wednesday or Saturday to get the best prices.

Even though a fifth of in-flight crew members might be having sex on your flight, they still have some great advice and tips when it comes to air travel.

How about you? Do you have any tips and tricks when it comes to air travel that the in-flight crew members haven't given us?

[Feature Photo by Tim Graham/Getty Images]