May 15, 2016
Amber Portwood Stuns In New Selfie, 'Teen Mom OG' Star Barely Recognizable

Amber Portwood has been through a lot in the last 10 years. From finding out she was a pregnant teen to going to prison, there have been several ups and downs. Portwood began her reality television career on 16 & Pregnant and remains airing on Teen Mom OG.

The last two seasons of the show have put a lot of pressure and judgment on Amber Portwood, but she has been handling it all incredibly well. A new season is being filmed, and there is an upcoming wedding for her being planned. Portwood is marrying Matt Baier this fall and beginning a brand new life for herself.

Over the years, Amber Portwood has had many looks. She is known for her dark, long hair. While in prison, Portwood changed a lot, and when she was released, it was reflected in her appearance. Since last summer, there have been even more changes in her life. Portwood dropped 30 pounds and debuted a more fit physique.

According to Us Weekly, Amber Portwood looks almost unrecognizable in her new selfie. She posted a photo to Instagram yesterday, thanking fans for their birthday wishes. Portwood straightened her long, blonde hair, wore a pale pink shirt, and had a full face of makeup on. She didn't look incredibly different, but she has definitely worked hard on getting her body back in shape and is looking healthier than ever.

Last season of Teen Mom OG was particularly hard for Amber Portwood. She was constantly bombarded with news about her soon-to-be-husband, Matt Baier. His number of children has been talked about for months and months, and while he still only claims five of them, it appears that there are still more out there. Portwood believes her boyfriend and has brushed all of the negative comments off. She claims that she knew everything about him when they began dating and what Gary Shirley was trying to pull in front of the Teen Mom OG cameras was unnecessary. There was plenty of drama between Leah's parents last season, and fans anticipate it running high with the new season as well.

It seems that Amber Portwood has found herself in a bit of trouble recently. She was slapped with a tax lien back in February, and it is a pretty hefty amount. While it was likely for unpaid income taxes, it could be for virtually anything. Portwood and Matt Baier have begun to flip houses in their home state of Indiana, but that doesn't seem to be in conjunction with the lien. As of now, the lien has not been paid.

Portwood has not commented on anything about it since the news broke last week, and she will likely remain silent about it. She remains as private as can be, especially after living such a public life on the show.

Right now, Amber Portwood is focusing on planning her wedding to Matt Baier. It is rumored to be an October wedding. While there has been no confirmation on whether or not Teen Mom OG will be able to film it, but there's a good chance fans will be able to watch it at some point. Last year, Tyler Baltierra and Catelynn Lowell were filmed for their wedding, and Portwood will likely join the ranks. The Teen Mom OG stars are close with the exception of Farrah Abraham. Fans are hoping that they will be able to see the planning that is going on up to the point where Portwood and Baier get married. While not too many are thrilled with Amber Portwood's decision to marry Baier, they are supporting her right to be happy with the man she loves.

[Photo by Rich Polk/Getty Images for MTV]