Bare Arms Too Scandalous? Weather Meteorologist Forced To Cover Up On Air.

A Meteorologist for KTLA was forced to cover up after the sight of her bare arms allegedly horrified viewers and caused a number to call into the station, leading the show’s producers to force a sweater upon her.

Liberté Chan was handed a sweater mid-report by the show’s off-screen anchor, so her upper body would be covered. During the broadcast, viewers could plainly see a hand holding a grey sweater. Chan, then in disbelief, tries to make jest of the awkward moment, as The Cut relays.

“You want me to put this on? Why? ‘Cause it’s cold?”

The off-screen voice then said, “We were getting a lot of emails.”

The Cut then shares Chan’s actions following the awkward occurrence on air.

“Chan later posted a video on Facebook of one of the anchors reading some of the awful comments and emails they received from viewers about her dress. It then devolves in some sort of roundtable about the dress she was going to wear but didn’t. The gist is her cocktail dress made her look like a harlot who’d dragged herself in from partying the night before, just in time to read the good citizens their weather.”

Chan is a well-educated woman with multiple degrees, as the publication notes. The meteorologist also spent a semester at the Sorbonne and never offended anyone due to the sight of her fit arms before.

As Fusion relays, Chan’s co-anchor had said they had “never before received so many emails” and that the response about the dress and its place on the show was “50-50.” The video of Chan putting the sweater on has since gone viral, and has garnered much discussion and sympathy for the beautiful meteorologist.

As the publication notes, this is not the first time Chan’s wardrobe has received attention.

“This is not the first time Chan’s wardrobe has gone viral: Earlier this year, she wore a green dress that blended in perfectly with the green screen, causing her to look transparent.”

During the earlier mishap, where Chan was camouflaged due to her green dress, her colleague also came to the rescue to help her be seen, by once again offering the beauty an article of clothing. Daily Mail relayed the funny situation.

“The video begins with Chan walking on camera in front of the weather map and as she begins to talk about the weather, she notices her dress. ‘Oh I’m going to have to change, look at this. That’s a bummer. I thought it was light enough,’ she said. Her colleague and anchor, Chris Burrous immediately ran to the rescue.He took off his suit jacket and helped her put it on. “

It certainly seems ridiculous that bare arms and a fun dress worn on an early-morning program would offend people to the point of calling in. Chan may simply be attempting to spice up the show with her personality and fun wardrobe options. What do you think about the dress and people’s reactions to it?

[Image via Twitter]