May 15, 2016
The Kings Of Atheism: Bill Maher And Michael Moore Want Seth MacFarlane, Ricky Gervais, Sarah Silverman For Movie [Video]

Bill Maher spilled the beans about a concept for a movie called The Kings of Atheism that Maher says he is creating with Michael Moore. As seen in the below video from the Friday, May 13, episode of Real Time with Bill Maher, Bill talks about The Kings of Atheism film. Much to the surprise of Moore, Bill tells his viewers that The Kings of Atheism will be similar to the concert film titled The Original Kings of Comedy. Whereas the The Original Kings of Comedy featured comedians on the road, filmed by Spike Lee -- The Kings of Atheism movie will feature Maher and other famous atheists on a tour throughout the Bible belt.

Moore admitted that he's not an atheist, but he quipped that The Kings of Atheism challenge would give Maher and others on the atheism tour 10 days to try and convert Michael over to their way of thinking. Moore didn't mention what would happen if Bill and those who Maher foresees coming on The Kings of Atheism tour with him if Bill and his unbelieving crew got converted to Christianity instead.

As for Maher's dream of atheist stars who would join Bill on The Kings of Atheism tour, those include noted atheists Seth MacFarlane, Ricky Gervais, and Sarah Silverman, to name a few. Since Maher included Sarah in that tour list, The Kings of Atheism title might have to be changed to The Kings of Atheism -- Plus One Queen of Atheism.

The Kings of Atheism wouldn't be the first time that Maher has tackled religion in a movie. Maher made Religulous, wherein he spoke of being raised in Catholicism. When Moore and Maher discussed their thoughts for The Kings of Atheism, apparently it was the first time the duo spoke of the movie publicly.

MAHER: "We want to do a movie called The Kings of Atheism."

MOORE: "Okay, there, it's out."

MAHER: "There, it's out. Oh, what's the worst that could happen? That we get it made? As opposed to now, when we're not?"

MOORE: "No, but you just told the Almighty that we're gonna do this, and now…"

MAHER: "— We're not gonna do this —"

MOORE: "… you and I have to survive the next six months."

MAHER: … Remember The Kings of Comedy?… The Kings of Atheism!"

MOORE: "The Kings of Atheism."

MAHER: "And we can't get anybody we want to sign up for the movie."

MOORE: "We are going to have four of America's top comedians, I'm going to film it, and we're gonna travel through the Bible Belt, putting on these shows."

MAHER: "It would be so awesome!… The first person I wanted to do it was my fellow atheist and boyfriend Seth MacFarlane. I can't get him to commit! [To crowd] Maybe you people could… If we got Ricky Gervais, me, Sarah Silverman, Seth MacFarlane, that would be an amazing…"

What's most interesting about the concept of The Kings of Atheism is that the movie would once again feature Maher traveling beyond California -- and well into realms of Bible-believing regions. Instead of being met with salt of the earth folks who come against Bill's brand of atheism -- which often calls the Old and New Testaments fairy tales -- Maher could be met with those who have graced his stage who share his beliefs. Brad Pitt famously quipped on Bill's show that Pitt was acting like Christians watched his show, to which Bill said Brad would be surprised who is watching from the closet.

Or Bill could be met with Bible-believers who aren't preachy, but interesting enough to get him to give up atheism altogether in the name of Christ -- and make Maher rethink calling Jesus' resurrection a "suicide mission" from God.

As seen in the top photo above, Bill still takes to the road to perform his stand-up comedy. Maher appeared in Hollywood, Florida, at the Seminole Hard Rock Hotel and Casinos' Hard Rock Live.

[Photo by Jeff Daly/Invision/AP]