May 15, 2016
Transgender Female Shot, Killed In Women's Bathroom? Is 39-Year-Old Donna Wright Dead From Colorado's Bradford’s Department Store Shooting?

There is a big story being spread on Facebook, which claims that a 39-year-old transgender woman named Donna Wright, supposedly born Donald Wright, was shot and killed in a department store in Colorado named Bradford's Department Store. With claims that transgender people aren't safe to use the bathroom, the story has quickly received 15,000 reactions on Facebook in about 24 hours. However, digging into the details of the story about a transgender woman being shot and killed in the bathroom of Bradford's Department Store in Colorado proves that the story isn't true.

As reported by the Inquisitr, President Obama recently made news for allowing transgender students in public schools to use whatever bathrooms matched their gender identity. With transgender issues constantly in the news as of late, they have set the perfect backdrop for a false transgender story to emerge, claiming that Donna was shot in the women's bathroom after an altercation with another customer.

A simple Google search for "Bradford's Department store" in Colorado turns up no such stores by that name. Variations of searches for Bradford stores and searches via Google about any such department stores turned up no results for Colorado. As reported by Lead Stories, the claims that a transgender woman was shot and killed in Bradford's Department Store in Colorado are not true.

According to the fake story set within a fake store, Wright got into a fight with Kathleen Workman, 55, in the Bradford's Department Store bathroom. The story claimed that the transgender women, Wright, followed Kathleen into the women's bathroom. That's when Donna allegedly confronted Kathleen and became combative when Workman asked Donna to use the men's bathroom instead of the women's bathroom.

"According to statements issued to authorities by Kathleen Workman, the conflict began when Donna Wright started following Mrs. Workman into the women's restroom. According to Workman, she had politely asked Ms. Wright to use the proper restroom (referring to the men's bathroom) and asked her to please stop following her into the women's restroom."

Claims that the transgender woman shouted and cursed followed. The conflict supposedly escalated when Kathleen shot the transgender women dead after demanding that Donna leave the women's bathroom. Workman supposedly shot Donna three times after fearing for her own safety and ended up killing the transgender female over the bathroom dispute.

The fake article found a way to incorporate gun laws and Target's bathroom policy for transgender people in it as well, which are all hot-button topics that tend to get strong responses.

"Donna Wright had stopped breathing and was pronounced dead upon arrival of emergency respondents. According to police reports, Kathleen Workman was in fact licensed to carry and conceal the handgun used to shoot Ms. Wright. According to police reports, due to a lack of witnesses and/or security footage, charges have not been brought against Mrs. Workman and the incident is being ruled as a shooting in self-defense pending further investigation.

"It was in fact within the transgender woman's right to utilize the restroom as the Bradford's management team displays a sign between the women's and men's restroom that reads, 'At Bradford's we encourage all guests to use the restroom in which they identify with. Thank you, Sincerely, The Bradford's Management Team.'"

The article claimed that Bradford's requested the posting of the sign after Target made their restroom policy concerning the transgender issue public.

The responses to the article on Facebook that claim a transgender woman has been shot in a Colorado department store bathroom show heated replies, many from people who don't know that the article is actually fake.

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