Drew Barrymore: Actress Talks Doing Her Best Since Split From Kopelman And Future Projects

Drew Barrymore has recently been open and honest about her feelings on the “failure” of her marriage to Will Kopelman. However, the mother, actress, and entrepreneur was in great spirits during her most recent interview with People while at Godiva’s 90th Anniversary fete at the Marlborough Gallery in West Chelsea. During the chat, Drew stated that the upcoming year is going to be truly exciting.

It was just this past week that, as the Independent relayed, Barrymore described her marriage with ex Will Kopelman as a “big failure.” The star has been quite real about the demise of the relationship, yet she is looking forward to all that she has on the go and shares about her relationship with her two adorable daughters.

The 41-year-old looked divine in a lovely black dress, which was paired with a black lacquer bag by designer Edie Parker and read “Frankie” on one side and “Olive” on the other. The two names are those of her two young daughters.

Barrymore then joked about the bag and shared as to how her daughters are dealing with the divorce.

“I’m going to be the person with the [logo] sweat band, the t-shirt, the purse, the tattoo – I’m going to look crazy at some point. They’re so awesome. They’re the most delicious. Frankie went to a doctor’s appointment today. Nothing bad, the common cold. Olive had a play date with her friend from school, and her mom is a friend of mine, so we had a nice girly morning. And then Olive came with me to a doctor’s appointment, because she just wanted to hang out. We like to lie in bed and talk. We did all of that.”

The star, actress, and entrepreneur also shared about the heartwarming Mother’s Day she spent with Frankie and Olive in addition to Kopelman’s family.

“The [girls] made me an amazing card and they brought me flowers, which was so nice. Funny enough, I was trying to scramble to get ready and we all ended up sitting on my bathroom floor and reading each other’s cards. It was sooo nice! We were here at my in-laws Country Club. Just hanging out all day and then we went to an art fair together. It was great. I’m absolutely as close with them as ever. Because we were close, we will remain close. We’re a family forever.”

The publication was also sure to ask how Drew has been coping with the split and what she intends to be involved with in the future when it comes to her acting career. Barrymore was candid and admitted she is just doing her best and staying focused on what lies ahead. The star also shared about an upcoming Netflix project she has signed on for, noting that she can’t give away too many details.

“Thank you. I’m doing my best. I’m going back to work for the first time in a while to do this Netflix show. I’m not supposed to give away details about the roll, but I’m excited. It’s going to be fun. And then we’re just doing a lot with Flower beauty, doing more international, we’re in two or three new territories and growing. And our Rosé comes out this spring, and we’re selling out. It’s gone. I’m so excited about that. Next year is going to be really exciting.”

Drew Barrymore has made a name for herself not only on the big screen but due to her additional successes as a business mogul, beauty brand affiliate, and her new venture as a producer of fine wines. Of course, being a busy mom to two beautiful daughters pretty much tops it all off and proves that Barrymore is a pretty superwoman and an undeniable inspiration.

[Photo by Angela Weiss/Getty Images for Tracy Paul & Co]