Chattanooga Woman Steals Case Of Beer In Unusual Way

The owner of Winters USA Fuels in Chattanooga, Tennessee, is sending out a warning to other convenience store and liquor store owners that a woman is unsuspectingly shoplifting cases of beer without the employees realizing she is doing it.

Like a magician, the woman was caught on camera stuffing a 12-pack of beer up her dress and making it disappear.

The store owner, Tim Winters, was in his office when it happened and he was shocked by what he saw, stated WSBT TV.

“She was the original thigh master, you know? She got a 12-pack of beer and stuck it between her legs. Then, she walked to the counter, made a purchase of fuel and walked back to her automobile.”

The employees at the counter had no idea she just stashed the case of beer and accepted her money for the gas. The manner in which she walked and interacted with the clerks seemed normal and nothing was odd about her interaction.

Surveillance video shows the woman remove the case of beer from the cooler and shove it up her dress. As the beer disappeared, she clutched tightly to the case with her thighs, holding it with enough force to keep it from dropping to the floor yet with enough stealth to walk normally.

Winters, on the other hand, was quite upset about the thievery, but he does find some humor in it now.

“You know, it made me mad. Then I got to thinking about it, and I started laughing about it, you know. his lady, she really had it all together.”

In addition to stealing the case of beer, it appears as though the mystery woman also removed $0.70 from the change tray to pay for some of the gas she purchased.

Winters has reported the incident to the police in hopes she would be identified and her thievery would be stopped, according to WDEF. He does not want other stores to be victims of her thievery regardless of how creative she was. Due to the manner in which the woman stashed the beer, it is obvious that it was not her first time.

Although it us unknown how many times the woman has stolen beer before, or if she has stolen from Winters’ location previously, her casual demeanor and stealthy escape show she has confidence in her abilities.

Although she was not caught in the act and apprehended, many other thieves have been caught red-handed, each with unexpected outcomes.

After appearing on the news, Winters revealed that a family member of the woman did come forward and revealed her identity, claiming she has done this sort of thing often.

“Customers came in and identified her as being a family member. And said it, she does it frequently. The Police department has her name and information and if it’s the same person she has 12 previous records.”

Winters reported the details to the police and hopes she is caught and prosecuted.

Although the woman’s method of thievery is creative and possibly humorous to some, it appears as though the woman may have some issues that led to the beer theft. Although guilty, based upon the video that was released, mental conditions or alcoholism may be the reason for the theft. As such, treatment for her condition may prevent future beer theft. Jail time may solve the situation temporarily.

The woman has not been publicly identified, nor has it been revealed that she has been apprehended. However, it is believed she will not be stealing from Winters’ convenience store anytime soon, nor will she be welcome back inside if she does visit.

[Image via Shutterstock]