‘Quantico’ Spoilers: Liam’s Plot Is Exposed, The Team Scrambles To Stop The Bomb, And Lives Hang In The Balance As Season 1 Wraps

The Season 1 finale of Quantico airs Sunday night on ABC, and fans cannot wait to see what twists and turns come with this episode. It is now known at last that Liam is the mastermind behind the terrorist plot, but that doesn’t mean that the viewers know everything there is to know about this situation. What Quantico spoilers are available for the May 15 show? Will the series be back for Season 2?

The last that everybody saw, Miranda had figured out that Liam was behind the plot and saw the set-up he had put into place to keep an eye on everything. Unfortunately, before she could do anything about it, he showed up and shot her. There had been plenty of Quantico spoiler fans who theorized that Liam might be the key to this plot, but the revelation that came last week and how he handled Miranda’s appearance left most stunned.

Where do things head from here? TV Guide details that the Season 1 finale is titled simply “Yes,” and viewers will see the NATS graduate. In terms of the future segments, Alex and the rest of the team will catch up to Liam and face off once and for all. There will surely be some casualties as this plays out, and the Quantico spoiler previews tease plenty of action and chaos.

One preview teases that one agent will make the ultimate sacrifice, and many of the core characters are shown having emotional farewells with one another. Miranda has already been shot, and the Quantico spoiler previews show Liam holding a gun to Ryan’s head. Will Ryan really end up dying in an effort to stop Liam and the bomb? Will Miranda survive?

Executive producer Josh Safran teased some Quantico spoilers via a chat with Entertainment Weekly. He says that viewers will learn Miranda’s fate in Sunday’s finale, and he teases that there is more bloodshed on the way. Safran confirms that Liam is truly the man behind the terrorist plot, and he teases that if viewers were to go back to the beginning of the season and examine everything Liam said, the hints that he was the terrorist were there.

Why did Liam go to such great lengths to tear everything about Quantico and the NATS apart and to make Alex the center of his focus? Quantico spoilers indicate that viewers will get answers during the May 15 finale. The first five minutes of this next show will be key as they will detail how Liam did what he did while the rest of the hour focuses on why he did it all.

Who survives the finale? Safran teases that if Shelby makes it to Season 2, there will be more on her quest to see her parents captured. Clayton will be heard in this finale but not seen, and there will not be much more involving him. It certainly appears that Drew was blown to smithereens last week, but actor Lenny Platt teased some Quantico spoilers via Zap2It indicating that Drew’s story may not be completely over yet. Drew won’t be seen, but there will be more related to his character woven within this finale. It seems that Alex will make it through, but many of those close to her may be out of the picture soon for good.

Viewers will not want to miss the final 30 seconds of Sunday’s episode, as it sets up Season 2 and Safran teases that fans will need some tissues. Many would guess that this will not be good news for Ryan, but it is known that Alex will be front-and-center when the show returns in the fall. Platt teases Quantico spoilers that the finale is intense and fast-paced with multiple developments that fans will not want to miss one. There is said to be resolutions on many storyline fronts, but there is a cliffhanger as well that Platt says is unexpected.

How do you think Season 1 will end? Who will survive and who will perish? ABC has renewed Quantico for Season 2, and fans cannot wait to see what comes next.

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