'Bernie Or Bust': Bernie Sanders' Supporters More Determined Than Ever After Chaos At The Nevada Democratic Convention

Shaunee Flowers

The "Bernie or Bust" movement has grown now that Bernie Sanders' supporters are outraged over the chaos at the Nevada Democratic Convention on Saturday. Despite having less support during the convention, Hillary Clinton was awarded more delegates. The decision caused Bernie supporters to become outraged as they believe the Nevada voters are victims of election suppression.

It turns out that Bernie Sanders actually had more support at the convention than Hillary Clinton. However, the convention did not count 58 delegates for Sanders because they said they did not switch their party affiliation to Democrat in time for the convention. The delegates had until May 1 to become Democrats, but at the Nevada Democratic Convention, 58 out of the 64 contested delegates for Sanders could not be found as registered and were stricken from the count. Due to that issue, Hillary Clinton was able to take Nevada by 33 votes.

— EndorseBernie (@EndorseBernie) May 15, 2016

Clearly frazzled, Boxer told the angry audience, "Keep booing and boo yourselves out of this election. We had our Nevada Caucus and Hillary won."

Sanders' supporters are angry because they claim the convention rules were changed literally at the convention in order to purposefully deny certain delegates from voting in order to ensure that Clinton took the majority of delegates. Then, when the underdogs demanded a recount of the delegates because they believed they were being cheated, that request was denied as well.

When taking a vote about the temporary rule change, many in attendance say that the "nays" were heard just as clearly as the "ayes." In that case, the rules state that when a majority is not clear, the convention has to revote by "vote of division of assembly." This means the convention attendees would cast their vote by standing on whichever side of the room they agreed with. According to Heavy, this was not done, and the temporary rules were adopted even though there were reportedly more Bernie Sanders supporters in attendance and a "nay" vote is what should have been expected. Many were upset about the vote and said that it was taken so early in the day that many delegates were still in line and hadn't even been allowed inside yet.

— Michelle Rindels (@RindelsAP) May 15, 2016

The Nevada Democratic Convention turned into a huge "Bernie or Bust" protest when, after 16 hours of tension between the Bernie Sanders supporters and the Hillary Clinton supporters, a demand for a recount was shut down without a clear vote again. Sanders supporters claim that when a vote was taken about recounting the votes from earlier, a decision to not recount was made before the "nay" votes could even be heard.

Even though there were clearly more Sanders supporters at the convention Clinton was awarded 20 delegates to head to Philadelphia in July while Sanders was given only 15 delegates. It was obvious from the reaction of the delegates that the Hillary Clinton win was not expected, nor was it agreed upon. As Bernie Sanders' supporters began to chant about a recount, the lights inside the room were turned down and the volume on the PA system was turned up in an effort to drown out the fury of the angry crowd.

There has been tension building for several weeks between those involved in the "Bernie or Bust" movement and those who support Hillary Clinton. There is already strong support for Bernie Sanders from a group that has disavowed the "Vote Blue No Matter Who" mantra and say they will vote for Bernie no matter what. Estimates for the number of Sanders supporters who will never vote for Hillary have been all over the place, and no one really knows just how many plan to write in Sanders if that's what it takes. After the heated Nevada Democratic Convention and the alleged cheating that happened again during the primary process, many have strengthened their resolve to only vote for Bernie Sanders even if that means that Donald Trump wins the 2016 presidential election.

The day after the chaotic Nevada Democratic Convention has left Bernie Sanders supporters very upset. The "Bernie or Bust" movement is continuing to gain traction as more and more voters feel like there is a massive amount of election fraud happening and no way to stop it. There have even been calls on President Barack Obama to do something about the alleged cheating that has happened so much during the Democratic primary.

Watch the video below of the unrest on Saturday night and tell us what you think will happen during the Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia in July.

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