May 15, 2016
TNA News: TNA Officials Months Behind On Paying Production Crew

TNA Impact Wrestling has remained in shambles for months, despite tweeting and talking about "high morale." That stemmed from a hashtag and rumor that said Impact Wrestling was experiencing low morale. Even though most wrestling fans know that it's true, Dixie Carter and the rest of the TNA roster want everyone to think they have high morale. Allow common sense and logic to consume you and then the truth will be revealed.

Multiple reports of financial troubles have already been reported in spite of TNA. For example, rumors of Bobby Roode and Eric Young being owed hundreds of thousands of dollars circulated weeks ago. Also, they had to move their headquarters to where TNA's merchandise warehouse is located because they presumably can't afford anything else. What does that say about their current state?

Roode champ
[Image via TNA Wrestling]

According to a new report by SE Scoops and PW Torch, TNA is months behind on paying the production crew.

" reports that TNA is currently behind on pay with their production crew, with some workers being owed money from as far back as March and January.

"There's belief within the company that Aroluxe Marketing has been loaning TNA money so they could continue taping Impact Wrestling. claims some TNA production staff have been told they will be replaced at next month's taping."

To make matters worse, PWTorch is reporting that production staff will be replaced on the next set of tapings, which will be held in June. Saturday's replay on Pop TV was cancelled. TNA is also looking for a new investor, but Carter wants to remain the majority owner. While that may not be the best move for TNA, Carter is intent on keeping control. Is this truly high morale?

In multiple tweets by TNA employees, high morale is still being held in the locker room.

Not many people know the kind of facade TNA employees is putting on for the wrestling world, but it's an elaborate one without any credence in the product. They are taking a serious situation and letting it boil down to a hashtag that just isn't fooling anyone. Nobody should want TNA to go out of business, as that would mean many people wouldn't have a job for a period of time.

Dixie Pop TV
[Image via Pop TV]

On the other hand, with production workers needing pay and wrestlers leaving one-by-one, it isn't a great place to be. Needless to say, ratings aren't improving. After Austin Aries left Impact Wrestling, he talked about why it wasn't succeeding and told the absolute truth.

"It always goes back to the ownership group. At the end of the day, you can change coaches and managers and players, but if there's something intrinsic, something wrong, then you have to look at what the common denominator is, and, usually, you've got to look at the ownership because everything runs from there."

Where does TNA go from here? The morale can only go so high before the facade is dropped completely. With more tapings to be done in June and production rumored to be let go, that doesn't help any case to get better. Dixie Carter should do the best thing for the company and give up majority ownership of TNA. When that happens, true ownership can take over and try to fix TNA.

That, or end their demise abruptly.