May 15, 2016
Donald Trump's Behavior With Women Under Media Scrutiny

Republican president hopeful Donald Trump has a mixed history with women, and his chances of winning their approval are slim.

According to CBS News, "Recent presidential polls show a significant gender gap among potential voters. Women are much more likely to reject Republican Donald Trump."

The gender gap in American politics is not unique, as men and women often differ in opinions when they vote. But this year, that traditional gender gap seems to be widening. Polls show the majority of women currently have a critical opinion of Trump, and reports on his past dealings with women could further dent his reputation.

Seemingly, Democratic candidates have conventionally enjoyed an enormous advantage among women given the party's massive support among minority women. Trump's positions on women issues and reproachful comments he's made about prominent women make him unacceptable to large numbers of female voters.

A CNN op-ed mentioned, "Trump has women problem. He may be attracting some Republican women voters, but according to the latest CNN poll, taken before the spat with Cruz over his wife, 73% of registered female voters in the United States had an unfavorable view of Trump."

Donald Trump's behavior with women has fresh relevance in 2016, as his puzzling relationship with the opposite sex is the spotlight in his campaign for the presidency.

On this premise, the New York Times interviewed more than 50 people to get a preview of Donald Trump's private conduct with women over the past 40 years, which shows a multifaceted and contradictory image.

The women revealed their experiences with Trump, sharing personal accounts of how Trump has treated them in Hollywood, business, and personal relationships.

Their accounts "reveal unwelcome romantic advances, unending commentary on the female form, a shrewd reliance on ambitious women, and unsettling workplace conduct, according to the interviews, as well as court records and written recollections," the New York Times reported.

One narrative discussed how Trump kissed women directly on the lips upon first meeting them at Miss USA pageants, making some contestants uncomfortable.

The Times story comes just two weeks after the last of Trump's rivals dropped out, assuring him the Republican presidential nomination this summer.

Meanwhile, Donald Trump used Twitter to hit back at the New York Times' in-depth scrutiny of his relationships with women over the years. He accused the Times reporters of ignoring the opinions women he had helped professionally. He also suggested the Times should have better spent their effort examining the Clintons and their history of treating women.

Throughout his campaign, Trump's attitude towards women remained questionable driven by verbal insults he tossed at Fox News anchor Megyn Kelly and former Republican candidate Carly Fiorina.

In his campaigns, Donald Trump has consistently attacked Democrat presidential hopeful Hillary Clinton on gender grounds, asserting that she lacks the strength, stamina, and credibility to represent the United States.

But Trump also promoted the careers of several women within his business organization, the New York Times reported.

Meanwhile, actress Jennifer Lawrence has no affection for Donald Trump, which is clear. Appearing on The Graham Norton Show, the 25-year-old Oscar-winning actress narrated an incident where she wanted to hunt down Donald Trump to deliver him an extremely rude message.

The Independent quoted Jennifer Lawrence as saying "I was adamant on finding him and making a video of me going, 'Hey Trump, f**k you!'"

Lawrence has also spoken out against Trump before. Although her upbringing marks the traits of a Republican, reportedly she has stopped supporting the party as she feels they do not advocate women's rights.

As Trump races toward clinching the presidential nomination, his comments about women will be fodder for potential attacks in the months to come. Time will tell if he would manage to improve the approval ratings and remove significant hurdles with female voters as he tries to win their votes in November.

[Photo by Scott Heppel/AP Images]