Celeste Guap’s Facebook Photos: 19-Year-Old Wrote, ‘What You Call Frisking I Call Foreplay’

Celeste Guap is a 19-year-old in the midst of a scandal in the Oakland Police Department. As seen in the top photo above, Oakland Mayor Libby Schaaf spoke about the Guap controversy on Friday, May 13. Along with Mayor Schaaf, Oakland Chief of Police Sean Whent joined the press conference to let the public know more about the internal investigation that was launched involving the potential sexual misconduct of three Oakland police officers against Celeste.

As reported by Heavy, Celeste took to her Facebook page to publish a Facebook post on May 10, which addressed the controversy surrounding the death of Officer Brendan O’Brien and allegations of sexual misconduct with Guap.

“The only officer I messed with underage is sadly gone now so idk why this s*** is still being brought up.”

As reported by the East Bay Express, which published a screenshot of the now-deleted Facebook post from Guap’s Facebook account, there could be plenty more to the story beyond O’Brien’s death than alleged sexual misconduct with Celeste.

The publication notes they did not initially make Celeste’s name public but writes that her name was made public by a television station. Allegations that sexual misconduct between Celeste and police officers when she was only 16 have emerged.

As the controversy is being sorted out, three Oakland Police Department officers were placed on leave. Celeste is the daughter of a dispatcher for the Oakland Police Department.

Brendan committed suicide in September 2015. The death occurred after Irma Huerta Lopez, O’Brien’s wife, was thought to have killed herself on June 16, 2014. However, doubt has been cast upon claims that Irma committed suicide, with Lopez’s family believing that O’Brien actually shot and killed his wife.

After O’Brien died, the investigation into sexual misconduct allegations with Celeste began. The sexual misconduct with Guap reportedly happened in 2014, allegedly with Celeste and several cops. Celeste’s Facebook page has been addressing the controversy, with Guap receiving plenty of feedback for her forthrightness.

Shortly before midnight on Saturday, May 14, the Facebook page of Celeste Guap featured the teenager joking about frisking versus foreplay.

“What you call frisking…I call foreplay.”

O’Brien’s relationship with Guap became widely public when the 30-year-old officer shot and killed himself. O’Brien’s suicide note spilled the beans about the alleged sex crimes against Guap. O’Brien had been under suspicion for the death of Huerta Lopez, who was shot in the head. O’Brien claimed he had gone shopping with his wife, and they had gotten into an argument upon returning to their apartment. He claimed he left and saw her 15 minutes prior to her death. O’Brien was not charged in his wife’s death, which was ruled a suicide. That left the cop free to resume his duties in East Oakland.

According to CBS San Francisco, Guap also took to Facebook to write that her dealings with the cops in question were “harmless” in another now-deleted Facebook post. Celeste also wrote on Facebook that she didn’t “snitch” on the cops.

One Celeste Guap Facebook post getting plenty of attention is a photo from April 27, which shows Guap had posted a photo of an Oakland Police Department cruiser.

“Took me back to Richmond in style #saucy

As expected, the Facebook photo of the Oakland PD cruiser parked at gas station on Guap’s Facebook page is getting plenty of feedback. Although many of the comments on Guap’s Facebook page are disparaging, not all of the Facebook comments seek to call Celeste bad names. Facebook user Michael Zhao filled the other Facebook commentators in on the allegations.

“Bunch of Oakland police officers started having sex with her when she was 16. She didn’t snitch on anyone, but an officer from the same department committed suicide last year. In his suicide note, he talked about how a bunch of officers were sleeping with the dispatcher’s 16-year-old daughter: Celeste Guap. That started the investigation, and here we are today.”

[Photo by Ben Margot/AP Images]