#NeverHillary Gathers Momentum: 73,000 Bernie Sanders Supporters Pledge Not To Vote For Clinton In Online Campaign [Updated]

Mohit Priyadarshi

Bernie Sanders supporters could prove to be Hillary Clinton's undoing even if she manages to clinch the Democratic nomination.

The division between the two candidates of the Democratic Party has not been as stark and as wide as it has been over the last few weeks. While Clinton has prematurely started setting her sights on a general election match-up against Republican nominee Donald Trump, the reality within the Democratic camp will not exactly be music to her ears.

According to the New York Post, more than 73,000 Bernie Sanders supporters have signed an online campaign pledging not to vote for Hillary Clinton under any circumstances. The website, WontVoteHillary.com, has outgoing links to innumerable journalistic pieces as well as blog posts, which, in turn, draw attention to Clinton's bleak record as the former Secretary of State, as well as shed a light on the string of alleged bad decisions that Clinton took during her time as the junior senator from New York.

The pro-Bernie Sanders campaign explains the reasons for not voting for Hillary Clinton in the following way.

"Hillary Clinton may be the DNC darling, but she should not be crowned the presidential nominee without popular consent. We the people cannot allow Clinton to win if we want to see a progressive White House. Clinton"s policies are center-right, she carries too much baggage and she has too many enemies to win the general election."

The reasons for not voting for Hillary Clinton included voices from across the spectrum. While many voters said that the Clinton history was obstructionist to any progressive agenda, others called out the many times when she had not been "truthful" to her voters, as in 2008, when contesting against the-then senator Barack Obama, Clinton had said that she would lobby against the Colombia Free Trade Agreement. However, her emails later showed that she had been a supporter of the deal all that while.

Other reasons, some of which have been raised by Bernie Sanders during the campaign, are Clinton's alleged efforts to stifle the calls asking her to release her Goldman Sachs speeches, her email controversy, and her long history of being pro-war during her senate years.

Others have proclaimed that they would stay away from the general election in the event of Bernie Sanders losing out to Hillary Clinton in the race for Democratic nomination, which, considering the present circumstances, appears quite likely.

Because if they don't, Clinton could be in for a difficult time ahead.

[Photos by Joe Raedle and Mark Wilson/Getty Images]