Prince William Not Impressed With Brother Harry’s Nude Photo

The internet has run rampant since TMZ released the nude photos of Prince Harry, 27, that saw the younger prince horsing around with what is assumed to be friends during a Las Vegas vacation. One person that’s not impressed by the candid display is his older brother, Prince William.

It is said that Prince William, 30, was told about the leaking of the photos this morning, and he’s said to be “not impressed” as well as disappointed in the wild behavior of his younger brother, Prince Harry.

So far, there’s no mention of what the other royal family members think of the nude photos of Prince Harry. His father, Charles; grandmother, Queen Elizabeth; and sister-in-law, Kate Middleton have yet to give official or unofficial statements about the behavior Harry exhibited in the photos. The exclusive photos showed Prince Harry nude and hunched over an unnamed friend.

As far as Harry’s punishment, the army is ready to deal with Prince Harry and dole out what they deem to be fit for this behavior. Harry, who’s a trained military helicopter pilot, has a lot of explaining to do to his superiors. A senior military source said about the incident and what’s expected of Prince Harry following the leaked photos:

“He will be reprimanded [by the army]. Officers should never bring the Service into disrepute, whether on or off duty. This display of social misbehavior has raised eyebrows.”

However, don’t expect a harsh punishment because, according to the source, Prince Harry won’t be kicked out of the army. The source continued, stating:

“This type of behavior is not expected of someone his age and rank. They will call him in when he gets back and want to talk to him about it.”

Do you think Prince Harry deserves to be reprimanded?