May 15, 2016
'The Bold And The Beautiful' Spoilers: Nicole Gives Birth, Sasha Shares A Shocker, And Brooke Ends Up In A Compromising Position

The Bold and the Beautiful spoilers tease that there is major action ahead with the episodes set to air during the week of May 16. Nicole is going to give birth to Rick and Maya's baby and shocking twists and turns are on the way for her. What can everybody expect from these next few shows?

Actress Reign Edwards, who plays Nicole, shared some Bold and Beautiful spoilers with TV Insider. She says that the baby will be born during Tuesday's show and she will have her mom, Rick, and Maya right by her side during the delivery. Zende broke up with her because he couldn't handle her decision to proceed with the surrogacy, but he will be making some big decisions as the baby is born.

It seems that Nicole and Zende will be together when her contractions start, and Bold and Beautiful spoilers indicate that he will realize that he doesn't want to miss being there for her as the delivery takes place. He sneaks into the delivery room at one point, but the others will not realize he is in there. Watching Nicole deliver the baby will change everything for him and he soon pleads with her to reunite with him.

Nicole and Zende will be back together again, but Bold and Beautiful spoilers share that the reunion only lasts a short time before they face a new obstacle. It seems that Sasha will tell Zende that she is pregnant, leaving Nicole completely devastated. Now, the question is, will Sasha truly be pregnant? Soap Central teases that a conversation with Caroline prompts Sasha to figure out how to hold onto Zende, so it sounds as if this may well be a fake pregnancy.

What else is set to play out during the week of May 16? The Bold and the Beautiful spoilers share that there will be more with Quinn as she begs Liam to support her. She went to ask Steffy for help and is finally facing arrest, but Liam has been voicing some support for her and this could be a wild ride ahead.

There is drama related to Katie, Bill, and Brooke coming up as well. Brooke will go to visit Katie, and Bold and Beautiful spoilers reveal that she will find Bill at home wearing just a towel. Obviously, it would be a huge problem if Katie walked in and saw this. Apparently, Brooke will scramble to hide under a bed when Katie shows up during that awkward moment.

Making things even more awkward is the fact that Katie and Bill will get frisky as Brooke hides under the bed. The Bold and the Beautiful spoilers reveal that Brooke will learn some things about her sister and former love that she never anticipated, and when she reveals that she is there, things will get tense and explosive. Teasers indicate that soon Katie's marriage to Bill will be in grave danger of falling apart and there may even be a custody battle over Will.

Will Liam forgive Quinn and work to keep her out of jail? What will Sasha's next moves be after she tells Zende she is pregnant, and how will Nicole handle this shocker? What comes next for Brooke, Katie, and Bill? The Bold and the Beautiful spoilers tease that there is plenty more drama on the way, and fans cannot wait to see what comes next.

[Photo by John Sciulli/Getty Images]