Windows 8 Will Mark End To Microsoft 30-Day Grace Period

James Johnson

When Windows 8 launches on October 26 users will no longer have 30-days to purchase the tablet/PC based OS platform after trying it and then deciding to keep it. In the past Microsoft customers could try a Windows OS for 30-days before being required to enter a product key. At this point a product key will now need to be entered immediately during the installation process.

Windows 8 customers will be required to enter a 25-character alpha-numeric string in an attempt to stop or in the least slow Windows software piracy.

In order to move forward with the installation process the users computer must also have internet access at which time the key is verified as unused by Microsoft servers.

Entering a false or used key will lead to various security steps including a permanently black desktop background or on-screen reminders that the software being installed is pirated. Should a user move forward with Windows 8 and an incorrect software key their computer will shut down every single hour until a legitimate software key is entered.

The new Windows 8 grace period shutdown only applies to retail versions of the software and will only go into effect when customers are upgrading from a previous version of Windows.

According to Electronista

"New computers will be sold with the operating system already installed, and companies with volume license agreements will have a Key Management System client key that activates new licenses. Enterprise customers will also have the option of activating devices by connecting with Microsoft's own activation servers."