‘Trump Women’ Story From NY Times Could Be Damaging If Not For This

The “Donald Trump women” story from the New York Times that was published on Saturday details a long history of alleged inappropriate behavior towards 50 women ranging from former executives, to Miss Universe contestants, and under ordinary circumstances it could be the bombshell the #NeverTrump crowd is hoping for.

However, the 2016 election cycle has been anything but normal, and with all that the GOP frontrunner has survived in the last nine months, it probably won’t have much of an effect.

Not only has the Donald vehemently fought back against reports while defending his often controversial remarks, he has emerged with more votes than any other candidate in the history of the Republican party through this part of the election process.

Still, there are some pretty damning claims in today’s “Trump women” piece.

Here are some of the high points.

Rowanne Brewer Lane, a former model, told the New York Times that Trump took her into a room and pulled out a swimsuit for her to try on.

When she emerged, Brewer said he escorted her around the party, telling the crowd, “That is a stunning Trump girl isn’t it?”

Carrie Prejean, the 2009 Miss California, said Miss Universe contestants were “told to put on our opening number outfits — they were nearly as revealing as our swimsuits — and line up for him onstage.” Then, he would walk out with his entourage and “inspected us closer than any general ever inspected a platoon.”

Prejean said the exercise was a humiliating one for many, who ended up sobbing backstage.

One-time top Trump executive Barbara Res said that after she gained a few pounds, Trump would publicly comment that “she liked her candy” as a way of reminding her that she was overweight.

If true, it’s easy to see how the Trump women vote could be nonexistent come November, but unfortunately for Democrats, it’s unlikely to do much good because of the controversial past of President Bill Clinton.

Not only did he take advantage of his status as President of the United States to start a sexual relationship with one of his interns, but he’s also been accused of rape and exposing himself to other women over the years.

Furthermore, in “The rape allegation against Bill Clinton, explained,” from Vox, the role of Hillary Clinton in the treatment of her husband’s alleged rape victim paints a pretty horrid picture of the Democratic frontrunner as far as her history as an advocate for women’s rights are concerned.

According to the piece, Juanita Broaddrick was 35-years-old when she was sexually assaulted by Clinton. Later, she alleged, Hillary approached her in an intimidating fashion to “thank” her for her silence. Here’s what Broaddrick had to say.

“[Hillary] came directly to me as soon as she hit the door. I had been there only a few minutes, I only wanted to make an appearance and leave. She caught me and took my hand and said ‘I am so happy to meet you. I want you to know that we appreciate everything you do for Bill.’ I started to turn away and she held onto my hand and reiterated her phrase — looking less friendly and repeated her statement — ‘Everything you do for Bill’. I said nothing. She wasn’t letting me get away until she made her point. She talked low, the smile faded on the second thank you. I just released her hand from mine and left the gathering.”

The “Trump women” piece wouldn’t be what one should call a non-story in a typical election environment, but given the checkered past of the Clintons and the allegations that surround them, don’t expect for the needle to move too much one way or the other.

But what do you think, readers?

Is the “Trump women” New York Times piece a big deal? And if so, is it offset by the Clintons’ history? Sound off in the comments section below.

[Image via Flickr Creative Commons / Gage Skidmore]