Former UFC Champ Jose Aldo Is Still Upset About His Loss To Conor McGregor, Challenges The Irish Fighter To A Street Fight

Former UFC champion Jose Aldo speaks out about how he’s feeling about the painful loss to Conor McGregor at UFC 194. The MMA fighter reveals that he has a score to settle with the UFC fighter who took his featherweight belt just a few months ago.

Jose Aldo, with a record of 25-2 MMA, 7-1 UFC, was undefeated for over 10 years. It came to an abrupt end when McGregor knocked him out in 13 seconds. Aldo explains that the experience was not only embarrassing, but it was also hard to believe that his reign over the 145-pound division was over. Jose has been pretty outspoken and begged Dana White for a rematch, but first, he has to beat Frankie Edgar at UFC 200, which may prove to be a nearly impossible task.

Jose Aldo knew he’d lose a fight eventually, but he just never expected that the person to knock him out would be Conor McGregor, MMA Junkie reports.

“I hadn’t lost in a long, long time and I knew it was going to happen someday, but not for that (expletive). It’s part of it. Now I’m just going to get that belt back. I think that belt is ours. Up until then I was the only featherweight champion with that belt. We’re going to get that back for sure.”

To get his rematch with Conor, he first has to defeat Edgar. It could be a difficult fight to beat Edgar because many UFC fans believe that he is in the best shape of his career. Aldo beat Frankie at UFC 156 in 2013, and if he can pull off another win, he feels pretty confident that Dana White would give him a rematch against McGregor.

Aldo explained that if he doesn’t get a rematch with the UFC, he would be happy with a street fight. Jose explained that he just wants to prove that he can beat Conor, Fox Sports reports.

“I will get there and run through [Edgar]. It doesn’t matter what happens, we will win the fight. After that, we will get McGregor even if it’s in the streets.”

It may not be a wise decision to challenge Conor to a street fight. McGregor has shown time after time that he is a wild card and can be unpredictable. At any rate, it indicates that Jose is ready to redeem himself and prove that he is better than he performed at UFC 194. Aldo explained that despite being stripped of his UFC title, in Brazil, he’s treated like he is a still a UFC champion.

What advice would he give his 10-year-old self about a career in MMA? He replied he would suggest he pursue MMA as a hobby and become a professional soccer player, Bloody Elbow reports. It’s a kind of an interesting answer considering the success that Jose Aldo has had in the UFC.

Whether or not Dana White will give him the chance to fight Conor McGregor is still not known. Aldo has made it known that if White refuses to give him an official rematch (which he feels he’s earned), he will arrange a street fight. In Jose’s eyes, avenging his loss against Conor McGregor is something he has to do before he retires.

[Photo by Steve Marcus/Getty Images]