Personal Trainer Buzz: Brittany Perille Yobe And Kim Kardashian’s ‘Don’ — Instagram Secrets Revealed By Butt Builders

It’s all about personal trainers these days, and the ways that personal trainers are shaping up stars — and becoming stars themselves via social media. Once such social media star on Instagram who has been deemed to have the perfect backside is Brittany Perille Yobe. Her Instagram account, titled “brittanyperilleee,” enjoys a legion of 736,000 followers, with the trainer posting plenty of videos literally describing her process for building rock-hard glutes and a tiny waist.

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The 27-year-old personal trainer hails from southern California, and boasts following the FODMAP Diet, as reported by Stanford Health Care, to help Yobe get rid of a bloated appearance. With a waist that’s about 23-inches around, Brittany shows her Instagram followers how her diet and workouts help her build glutes naturally with a small waist to boot.

While some aren’t buying the fact that Brittany’s butt is natural, she still claims her buttocks are the result of hard work and diet. Folks think Brittany might have undergone some sort of surgical enhancement such as butt injections or booty implants to build her famous round backside, but she insists that she hasn’t used such tactics to build her tight glutes.

As reported by the Daily Mail, Brittany admits that genetic makeup plays a big role in the size of a person’s glutes. Yet, and still, it is a possibility to grow the glutes via the food consumed and hard work at the gym. A personal trainer since her college “salad days,” Brittany gained inspiration from her mother, who is also a certified personal trainer.

Brittany is now inspiring many others, with her tall frame that extends five-feet, nine-inches. Surprisingly, Brittany’s workouts for her glutes are limited to three times per week. With before-and-after photos that prove how much Brittany has built her backside, she also boasts videos that show her loading up on the hip thrusts that build her behind.

And although plenty of Instagram videos will claim that doing a plethora of squats can help build a big butt, Brittany shows that a variety of butt-building exercises actually help build the backside. Brittany’s barbell hip thrusts range up to 315 pounds. Brittany also does “two-a-days,” or twice daily workouts for six-out-of-seven-days per week, with Yobe lifting weights in the mornings and performing cardio exercises at night.

As for the foods that Yobe tries not to eat? Those can be quite shocking as well.

Brittany stays away from soft cheese and wheat — but also surprising is the fact that she avoids garlic, onions, and artificial sweeteners also. Perhaps not as surprising is the fact that Yoba consumes plenty of protein shakes and bars. Not a total stickler for healthy and clean eating, Brittany indulges in a pizza cheat day once per week. Lifting heavy weights is the key to Yobe burning so many calories.

Quest protein bars, protein shakes, and bananas are par for the course for Brittany’s diet, as well as staples like brown rice, rice cakes, peanut butter, chicken, sweet potatoes, and amino acids that are popular with many bodybuilders. Whenever she goes off course, she’ll make up for it with more butt exercises the next day in the gym.

Another personal trainer making big news is one simply called “Don,” the personal trainer who helped Kim Kardashian make her pre-baby weight. As reported by the Daily Mail, Khloe and Kourtney Kardashian are also using the “insane” personal trainer Don, who helped Kim get her own backside into shape.

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