May 2, 2017
The Nevada Convention: Where Democracy Went To Die

The revolution will be live-streamed.

It's already happening. Since Occupy Wall Street several years ago, protestors and activists have taken their message online in an effort to document political and economic corruption, and there is no turning back.

After the Nevada Democratic Convention debacle on Saturday, it appears that Clinton and DNC operatives are doing their very best to provoke the other side to violence. Already, Clinton supporters and the mainstream media are painting Sanders delegates as volatile and threatening during a convention that was ruled with an iron fist by convention chair Roberta Lange.

While the Nevada Convention was happening, conflicting reports about what, exactly, was going down were released to the public. Mainstream media outlets like CNN, of course, described it as chaos, hinting that it was Sanders delegates who were at fault. But what really happened at the convention was the result of a behind-the-scenes plan to strip Bernie Sanders of a win he earned legitimately. To do this, the Nevada State Democratic Party made last-minute changes to the convention rules, giving convention chair Roberta Lange complete control over the proceedings.

Bernie's political revolution will be live streamed.
Bernie's revolution will be live streamed [Photo by Win McNamee/Getty Images]Clinton supporters have accused Sanders delegates of starting brawls inside the convention. One brief video depicts two people on the floor, but it looks more like one person helping another who had collapsed than a fight.

Sandra Weick spoke with The Inquisitr about her experience as a delegate at the Nevada Convention. She denied accusations of violence or widespread poor behavior by Sanders delegates. She acknowledged that a minor scuffle did occur, but no major fights broke out.

"The police would have had a field day if there really was a fight … There was a great deal of police presence at the time, and no one got carted out over it."
She affirmed the various reports by other people in attendance about Roberta Lange and her power plays at the convention.
"We were made to feel totally worthless … the police showed up for no reason; there was no threat to anyone or anything. We were vocal, but not violent."
Weick was not barred from being a delegate, but she did say she was wiped from the list of candidates to the national convention. She said she had received email confirmations confirming her name was on the list of candidates to the convention in July. But when she showed up, she was told her name was no longer on the list of potential national delegates.
Previously, The Inquisitr reported that 64 people had been banned from the Nevada convention for not having the proper credentials. Reports affirm that many of those people were not allowed to prove they were delegates, and even when they had the appropriate proof of proper credentials, they were still denied their right to be delegates. Most of the delegates affected were Bernie Sanders supporters.

During the convention, multiple live streams showed just what was going inside. The website has gathered several videos that were live-streamed from the Nevada Convention and then uploaded to YouTube. One nine-minute video compiled information and a timeline for what happened during the convention.

With live-streaming capabilities at the fingertips of virtually anyone with a smartphone, it is becoming increasingly difficult for the political establishment to spin the story in their favor. Of course, they try, but applications like Periscope and Livestream (Periscope being the most popular) give people the ability to broadcast raw footage as events unfold.

After Sanders won the county conventions, the Nevada Democratic Party kicked the corruption into high gear. High-ranking members of the party met in private and changed the rules to nullify the county convention results, reverting back to the original caucus results, which Clinton won. District 4 Congressional candidate Dan Rolle, posted a video on YouTube explaining what went on at the state convention.

"The reality is … this has been brewing for several weeks. Basically what happened is the executive board of the Nevada Democratic Party met and voted on a set of rules that allowed the state party chair Roberta Lange to essentially have complete control over the convention. It removed our ability to take motions from the floor … gave her almost exclusive control over who was selected to run the board which chose the eligibility of delegates."
A court challenge of this rule change failed, and the convention proceeded with the new rules that favored Clinton.

Jason Llanes, who was one of the delegates present during the Nevada convention fiasco, filmed virtually the entire proceedings via live streaming app, Periscope. Viewers could watch in real time as the events unfolded; videos were uploaded to YouTube before the Periscope links expired.

They watched as Lange held a vote to change the party rules 30 minutes prior to official start time, while many Sanders delegates were still in line. Clinton delegates had inexplicably arrived much earlier. Viewers watched as Rolle's mic was cut while he was trying to make a motion to have Lange removed as convention chair. Viewers watched as the lights were turned off and loud music was blasted after Sanders delegates became angry with how iron-fisted Lange was running the convention.

They watched in outrage as California Senator Barbara Boxer -- a Clinton supporter -- told the crowd of Sanders delegates to "boo yourselves out of the election."

And finally, viewers watched as Lange made a motion to adjourn the convention, banged her gavel angrily, and ran off stage. Not long after, several sheriff's deputies filed in and stood before the stage, along with convention goers wearing Clinton shirts.

The Nevada's Democratic Convention was the exact opposite of how an election should be in this country, and the appearance of law enforcement after the convention adjourned is chilling. All told, it has the feel of a warm-up session, as if Nevada were a proving ground for how the DNC will conduct the National Convention in July.

Speculation is bubbling that Philadelphia 2016 may make the 1968 Democratic Convention look like a cakewalk. If that's the case, then the true revolution will not be televised. The mainstream media will provide a heavily edited version of it. One thing's for sure, though: it will be live-streamed.

[Photo via Screen Capture/YouTube]